Victoria will lift the blockade at midnight tonight!But these restrictions should be paid attention to

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维州州长丹尼尔-安德鲁斯(Daniel Andrews)宣布最新限制如下:
(The following changes will take effect from 11:59 pm today and will last until next Friday, February 2!)
2. The mandatory mask order will continue!Whether you are indoors or outdoors, you must wear a mask as long as there is no way to guarantee social distancing;

3. Victorian schools will resume classroom learning from tomorrow;
4. The maximum number of outdoor gatherings is 20 people;
5. The retail and restaurant reception industry resumes normal opening, but pay attention to the density limit of 2 person per 1 square meters;
6. Weddings and funerals can be held, and there is no limit on the number of people, but it needs to meet the density restrictions inside and outside the venue, the density is limited to 2 person per 1 square meters;
7. There can be 5 visitors at home, until next Friday, depending on the situation, Victoria may consider further unblocking;
8. Visitors to hospitals or nursing institutions are limited to one family per day;
9. Religious ceremonies and assemblies can be restored to the previously used density limit (2 person per 1 square meters);
10. Sports and entertainment activities can be resumed, and the density restrictions on and off the venue must be met;
According to a report by the Herald Sun at around 10 o'clock this morning, Andrews held a press conference to officially announce that Victoria will be unblocked at midnight today.
According to a report by 9news at around 8 o'clock this morning, Andrews has clearly stated that the third blockade of the state will end tonight, and the ministers of various departments in Victoria met overnight to discuss the situation.
As of around 8 o'clock this morning, Australian media pointed out that the ministers are conducting another meeting, which will start at 8 o'clock in the morning to finalize and clarify the time and steps for unblocking.
In the past 24 hours, nearly 4 COVID-19 tests have been conducted across Victoria.Andrews is expected to provide an update later this morning and announce the latest number of cases.
在今天的数字公布之前,全科医生、澳大利亚医学协会前主席Tony Bartone博士表示,他希望封锁能在今晚就结束。

“根据昨天报告的病例数,考虑到深夜没有任何新病例的报告,看起来我们将在今天晚上走出封锁,” Bartone说,“当然,任何新的病例,尤其是与墨尔本假日酒店那个感染集群还没有联系起来的病例,会在最后一刻给解封带来阻碍;未来几天可能还会有几个病例出现(或被报告)。”

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