Victoria adds two local transmission cases, the governor says Victoria is in a favorable state of unlocking | Chinatown, Australia

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[Melbourne Newspaper] Two cases of local transmission were reported on the fourth day of the Victorian lockdown, and two confirmed cases were reported by hotel travelers in isolation and quarantine.The Governor of Victoria reiterated that Victoria’s work to end the lockdown will be “on the right track” and that changes are expected to be made on Wednesday night.The two locally transmitted cases were close family contacts of the confirmed case at Holiday Inn at Melbourne Airport.The cluster of cases in the hotel has increased to 19 cases.So far, all active virus cases detected in the community are related to the cluster and are considered to be infected with the more infectious British strain.Fearing that this strain, named B117, could spread faster than other variants, Victoria began a lockdown at 11:59 pm last Friday. The date for lifting the lockdown was originally scheduled at 11:59 pm this Wednesday.The cluster outbreak began with a family of three returning from abroad.After the family returned, they were quarantined at the hotel.Victoria's Chief Health Officer Sutton once said that the number of hotel clusters may continue to increase reasonably in the next few days.Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said on Monday that Victoria was "in a good position" to end the blockade at 11pm on Wednesday as originally planned.Andrew said on Tuesday that although it cannot be confirmed now, Victoria is in a favorable position due to the small number of cases and the final workload, but the specific situation will not be known until sometime on Wednesday.Victoria will wait as long as possible in order to have as much data as possible. It is not clear what the next step will look like. It all depends on public health advice.According to Sutton’s previous instructions, the Victorian blockade may continue until February 59, when the current state of emergency instructions in Victoria ends.However, the authorities reiterated that instructions are usually revoked before they expire.Sutton previously stated that "five days is enough."The spread of the virus from the hotel to the community has once again focused the community on the Victorian hotel isolation system. ABC reported that the plan did not follow the infection control standards set by the Personal Protective Equipment Task Force, which have been applied to other health systems in the state.In addition, in view of the emergence of new cases, the Department of Health has updated the list of hot spots, and Broadmeadows has added two other high-risk locations.Anyone who visits the BonBon Bakery store in Broadmeadows Central between 2:26 and 2:9 on February 12th, or who has been to Sacca's Fruit World between 30:12 and 45:12 pm, needs to be tested and quarantined 30 days.The west side of the shopping center was also identified as the Tier 1 exposure site between 14:12 noon and 15:1 pm, which means that people who have been there during this period need to monitor symptoms closely.In addition, after the staff were confirmed to be weakly positive, three psychiatric wards in three Melbourne hospitals were sealed off and the staff were isolated.The three-year-old daughter of the weakly positive case also contracted the virus, resulting in the isolation of more than 15 people associated with two daycare centers on Monday.Both of them attended a family gathering in Coburg on February 3. A worker who tested false negative at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Melbourne Airport also attended the gathering.In addition, due to the flooding of the building, on Tuesday, the Holiday Inn Hotel in Flinders St, which was confirmed to be a "hot spot hotel" for positive return passengers, had to evacuate the confirmed patients and staff. These people will be moved to before the completion of repair Pullman Albert Park hotel. The Pullman Albert Park Hotel was used to isolate persons related to the Australian Open, and was later used to increase the isolation capacity of the hotel.It is understood that the sprinkler system of this hotel in Melbourne's central business district was activated, causing four of the eight floors of the hotel to be flooded.A spokesperson for the Victorian Quarantine Service said in a statement that strict infection prevention and control measures were taken during the transfer process to ensure the health and safety of residents, employees and the community.Epidemiology Professor Blakely said that health professionals need to be extra careful to ensure that positive patients will not infect the public when they are transferred.After the outbreak related to the Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport, Melbourne is currently under lockdown and the hotel was once used as a hotel isolation area. (Child force)


两例本地传播病例是墨尔本机场Holiday Inn确诊病例的家庭密切接触者。该酒店集群病例已经增至19例。




维州州长安德鲁(Daniel Andrews)本周一曾表示,维州对按原计划周三晚上11时59结束封锁「处於有利位置」。







另外,鉴於新病例的出现,卫生厅更新热点地点名单,Broadmeadows增加了另外两个高风险场所。任何在2月9日中午12时30分至12时45分访问Broadmeadows Central的BonBon Bakery店铺,或在中午12时30分至下午1时之间去过Sacca’s Fruit World的人都需要接受检测并隔离14天。

而该购物中心西侧在中午12时15分和下午1时15分之间也被确定为为Tier 3暴露地点,这意味着在此期间去过该地的人都需要密切监控症状。


两人都在2月6日参加了在Coburg举办的家庭聚会活动,一名墨尔本机场Holiday Inn酒店检测假阴性的工人也参加了这一聚会。

另外,由於建筑物遭水浸,周二,被确认为接受阳性返回旅客「热点酒店」的Flinders St的Holiday Inn酒店已确诊患者和工作人员不得不进行疏散,维修完成前,这些人将被搬到Pullman Albert Park酒店。

Pullman Albert Park酒店曾被用於隔离澳网相关人员,之後被用於增加酒店隔离能力。




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