Seized 80 cash and prohibited weapons. Two Chinese men from Sydney appear in court for trial –

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According to the Daily Telegraph, at around 2020pm on December 12, 1, the police stopped a white Mercedes-Benz at the junction of Arthur St and Virginia St after receiving the report and found a sports bag from the car. And a black garbage bag containing 6 Australian dollars in cash, some documents and mobile phones.

警方逮捕了31岁的奔驰司机陈辉(Hui Chen,音译)和一名32岁的乘客陈龙(Long Chen,音译),并将两人带往Granville警局接受审讯。

Later, the police raided an apartment on William St in Granville, and seized a money counter, a stun gun, white powder, and several documents at the scene. They were also seized in a white Toyota HiLux car. More files.

Chen Hui and Chen Long were accused of knowingly handling the proceeds of crime. Chen Long was also accused of possessing or using prohibited weapons without permission. He is currently being remanded in custody pending trial. Chen Hui was released on bail on December 12.

相关文章:两华裔男子被悉尼警方逮捕 缴获$80万现金与违禁武器

Chen Long’s lawyer, Anthony Barber, applied for bail for the client in the Parramatta District Court on Thursday, and said that Chen Long did not admit to using prohibited weapons and handling criminal proceeds. Barber said, “In essence, the evidence provided by the prosecution is insufficient. Both the Mercedes-Benz and Granville properties belong to another defendant, Chen Hui, and Chen Long is just the driver who drives the car.”

Barber also said that Chen Long only acted as required and had not touched the large package of money. He believed that this was not a strong evidence and that Chen Long should not be detained.

However, the prosecutor opposed the bail, saying it was because of the cash in the backpack and the foreign exchange transaction receipt with Chen Long's name.

Magistrate Robyn Denes dismissed the defense's reasons for insufficient evidence and rejected the bail application.

The police are still investigating the case, and more charges may be brought forward.

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