Portugal's pandemic is urgent and Germany is helping

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In Portugal, a southern European country, the recent surge in new crown infections and deaths has caused the health system to be overwhelmed.At a critical juncture, Germany and other countries extended a helping hand to send medical teams and deliver medical supplies to Portugal. . . .

Coronavirus-Verl-Ausbruch bei Tönnies
Currently in the German defense field, about 3000 people have been vaccinated, including military personnel who provide assistance in high-risk areas


On January 1 alone, the number of new infections in Portugal exceeded 30.On the same day, the Portuguese authorities announced that facing the severely ill patients with the new crown, there were only 1.2 vacant intensive care beds left in the country.

What caused the Portuguese epidemic to worsen?

The German media Der Spiegel and the online media "Messenger" all pointed out in their reports that the variant new coronavirus (B.1.1.7) first discovered in the United Kingdom spread widely in Portugal, which has greatly increased the number of new coronavirus infections.As of January 1, Portugal’s 31-day average infection rate per 10 people exceeded 7, the highest in the world.

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