Quarantine hotels in Western Australia are exposed to "odd bad" security management and epidemic prevention

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Sheraton Four Points酒店
西澳隔离酒店的一名保安因在工作时感染了英国变种病毒,导致珀斯、Peel和西南区陷入了为期5天的封锁。据消息人士爆料,西澳隔离酒店的保安管理及防疫措施很令人担忧。(图片来源: Matt Jelonek/Getty Images)


According to the Daily Mail, traveler Ben Grimshaw, who is in quarantine at Sheraton Four Points, said that the hotel’s security guards did not wear personal protective equipment, which made him very worried about the hotel’s epidemic prevention safety.He said: "They are sitting in the corridors skating on their phones, without masks and personal protective equipment. Most of them are young people and students."
According to sources, these security guards are mostly international students who are only allowed to work 20 hours a week.Their wages are very low, but through such illegal employment, they can work 40 hours.In addition, the hotel’s security guards were also kicked to share ID documents so that they could work part-time for a second job, such as being an Uber driver.
The accusation was revealed after a security guard at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel in Perth was infected with the British variant virus.It is said that the security guard is also a shared car driver and has been to more than ten places in a short period of time.
另外一名在该酒店隔离的女子也批评酒店的防疫措施奇糟,她看到一些保安将口罩挂在鼻子下方。她还说很担心酒店的通风状况,因为每次其它房间在进行卫生打扫时,消毒药水味便会飘到她房间。据昆州卫生厅推测,昆州的Grand Chancellor酒店在1月初发生病毒外泄可能是酒店的空调所致。

澳洲医师协会(AMA)西澳分会主席Andrew Miller表示,酒店本来就不是为了用作隔离设施而设计的。“如果真的要搞隔离设施,那就不要用酒店,把空调换掉,直接泵入新鲜空气,重新制定管理制度,只顾用隔离设施工作人员,他们都是训练有素的专业检疫人员,令人难以置信的是,我们直到现在还在使用这种可以说是业余的隔离制度,但这些不是隔离设施,这只是酒店而已。”

据西澳州长Mark McGowan称,基因测试结果显示,该保安是于1月26日和27日在Sheraton Four Points工作时被一名确诊旅客感染了英国变种病毒。当局已联络了他的151名密切接触者及68名偶然接触者,并要求他们隔离和接受病毒检测。

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