Alert: German travelers fly directly from Sydney to Melbourne without isolation | Australia Chinatown

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The emergency notice said that at noon on Saturday, the two international passengers boarded Virgin Airlines Flight VA838 at Sydney Airport and arrived in Melbourne at 1:25 pm.The two arrived at Sydney Airport from Germany earlier in the day.

They have now been tested for the virus (Wuhan pneumonia) and are under mandatory quarantine in Victoria.The Department of Health called on the approximately 130 domestic passengers who were on the same plane with the two to quarantine at home immediately and called the Department of Health on 1300 651 160 to provide more information.

The Victorian Department of Health said it will conduct a comprehensive follow-up and remind anyone who has been to Melbourne Airport Domestic Terminal 3 on Saturday afternoon to pay attention to possible suspected symptoms. If symptoms occur, they should be tested immediately.

The Department of Health believes that Melbourne Airport does not pose a risk to the public, and people can continue to enter and exit the airport, subject to current restrictions.

The NSW government has not yet issued an official statement on this violation, but NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard has contacted Victoria and promised to investigate the issue.

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