Police search Xiaohe to continue searching for missing Chinese woman in Melbourne

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33岁的墨尔本华女张菊2月1日失踪,警方在目标区域Ivanhoe West的Darebin Creek保护区展开地毯式搜查。(图片来源:维州警方)分享警方今天在...

Zhang Ju
The 33-year-old Melbourne Chinese female Zhang Ju went missing on February 2. Police launched a carpet search in the Darebin Creek Reserve in Ivanhoe West, the target area. (Image source: Victorian Police)

                                    警方今天在墨尔本东北区的一条小河边搜索,继续寻找已失踪10天的华裔女子张菊(Kelly Zhang)。

According to a report from Channel 9, investigators concentrated on a carpet search in the Darebin Creek Reserve in Ivanhoe West, looking for clues in the bushes and creeks.
Joong Seong Tan, a 35-year-old Doncaster man, was detained at around 6.15 pm on Wednesday. The police spoke to him again today.
Mr. Tan was previously arrested by the police in the afternoon of last Sunday (7th) and was released after 24 hours of interrogation without charges.

He earlier told the police that the last time he saw Zhang Ju was at 2:1 pm on February 5, at Ms. Zhang's home on Winchester Avenue in Epping District. At that time, the 30-year-old mother said she was going for a walk.
Since then, Ms. Zhang has never appeared again.She was wearing pink pajamas and no shoes when she disappeared.
The police said that the disappearance was “extremely unreasonable” because Ms. Zhang would not leave her eight-year-old son alone.
维州警察侦探督察Andrew Stamper上周说:“Kelly非常疼爱她的儿子,任何情况下都不会离开他。”
Ms. Zhang’s son is currently taken care of by her ex-husband’s family.
Ms. Zhang did not bring any personal belongings when she disappeared, and her mobile phone was also lost.The last time the phone was turned on was on the street where her home was.The police publicly appealed to anyone who found the phone to contact the police.
The police also urged residents of Ivanhoe West, Epping and Doncaster to check whether there were any suspicious images taken by surveillance video on the afternoon when Ms. Zhang disappeared.
Investigators also want to talk to anyone who witnessed "suspicious activity" near the Darebin Creek Reserve in Ivanhoe West between February 2 and 1.
The police are looking for a black 2008 Mazda CX9 station wagon (registered number WKE 850) or white Toyota Land Cruiser surveillance video.


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