Boundary reopens Virgin Atlantic launches promotional tickets starting at $75

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维珍澳洲航空公司。 (TORSTEN BLACKWOOD/AFP/Getty Images)分享在州边界限制规定放宽后,维珍澳洲航空公司(Virgin Aust...

Virgin Australia
Virgin Australia. (TORSTEN BLACKWOOD/AFP/Getty Images)

                                    在州边界限制规定放宽后,维珍澳洲航空公司(Virgin Australia ) 推出了近200万张打折机票,并增加了新州、昆州和维州之间的航班服务。

据九号新闻台报道,从周一(2月1日)开始,昆州向新州的最后一个受限地区大悉尼敞开边界。维珍澳洲航空公司看准商机开始发售190万张起价为75澳元的机票,作为其“Let The Good Times Fly ”促销活动的一部分。除非提前售罄,否则该促销活动将于澳洲东部时间2021年2月8日午夜结束。
Discounted tickets are only applicable to travel between March and September 2021, including checked baggage, seat selection and Velocity frequent flyer points.
Virgin's flexible flying program will last until June 2021, 6. The program allows passengers to change tickets without restrictions without paying a change fee.In addition, you can also choose to cancel the reservation in exchange for points without paying a cancellation fee.However, the plan only applies to flights booked before March 30, 2021 and traveled before June 3, 31.

A Virgin Atlantic spokesperson said that the reopening of the border will provide Australian travelers with a holiday opportunity to reunite with their loved ones and conduct business activities. "Opening the border also means more job opportunities for our employees. We hope to get as many waiting staff back to work as possible as soon as possible, so we are doing everything we can to allow Australians to travel again." The spokesperson said .
Highlights of the one-way economy flight ticket launched by Virgin Atlantic:
<br>• -Ballina Byron/Ballina Byron-悉尼,起价75澳元;
<br>• -悉尼/悉尼-墨尔本,起价78澳元;
• 墨尔本-Launceston/Launceston-墨尔本,起价78澳元;
• 悉尼-黄金海岸/黄金海岸-悉尼,起价79澳元;
• 布里斯本-Proserpine/-Proserpine-布里斯本,起价89澳元;
• 墨尔本-阿德莱德/阿德莱德-墨尔本,起价89澳元;
• 悉尼-布里斯本/布里斯本-悉尼,起价89澳元;
• 墨尔本-Hobart/Hobart-墨尔本,起价99澳元;
• 悉尼-阳光海岸/阳光海岸-悉尼,起价89澳元;
• 布里斯本-Mackay/Mackay-布里斯本,起价99澳元;
• 墨尔本-堪培拉/堪培拉-墨尔本,起价119澳元;
• 珀斯-Kalgoorlie/Kalgoorlie-珀斯,起价149澳元;
• 达尔文-布里斯本/布里斯本-达尔文,起价169澳元;
• 珀斯-墨尔本/墨尔本-珀斯,起价169澳元;
• 珀斯-Karratha/Karratha-珀斯,起价199澳元;
• 珀斯-Port Hedland/Port Hedland-珀斯,起价199澳元;

• 珀斯-Newman/Newman-珀斯,起价199澳元。

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