Gangsters drive into Melbourne luxury store and stolen 7.5 bags

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位于Collins街的Berluti门店。(图片来源:Google Map)分享周二(2月2日)早上,墨尔本中央商务区一家奢侈品店遭盗窃,小偷拿走了价值7万5,...

位于Collins街的Berluti门店。(图片来源:Google Map)


According to News Channel Nine, a man drove a dark SUV into the front glass window of the Berluti store on Collins Street at about 4:30 on Tuesday morning and snatched a number of designer bags.It is reported that the store door was slightly damaged and the door frame had dents.
After the police arrived at the scene, the cordon was pulled up.Victoria Police said in a statement: "It is believed that before 4:30 a.m., a car crashed into the front door glass window of the Berluti store. The criminal entered the store and stolen and finally drove away."

The investigation is currently underway, and the police are urging witnesses or people with driving records to call the anti-crime hotline 1800 333 000 to provide clues.

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