"Meteorite" Landing in Queensland School Alarmed NASA

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“陨石”降落昆州学校 惊动美国航空航天局。(图片来源:脸书)分享社交媒体脸书上流传一张“陨石”坠落在学校草地上的照片,这一奇特场景吸引了各方人士的关注,其中包括...

"Meteorite" Landing in Queensland School Alarmed NASA
"”降落昆州学校 惊动美国航空航天局。(图片来源:脸书)


The so-called “meteorite” photo quickly spread on social media. A post on the Facebook fan page Australia Crash Investigation Unit triggered more than 2200 comments and more than 2400 reposts.
Mark Allen, principal of Malanda Public Schools, said: "We have received various inquiries from all over the world, including NASA, and they asked us to report to the Kennedy Space Centre."

In fact, this is just a homework assigned by Malanda Public School, not a meteorite.The task of the school’s journalism students is to report on this close encounter, including interviews with “witnesses” and emergency services personnel.


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