Customer gets ill after eating at Chatswood sushi restaurant in Sydney, fined $880

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图为示意图。(图片来源:Unsplash)分享据称一名顾客在用餐后引发食源性疾病,悉尼北岸(North Shore)一家寿司店因此被罚款880澳元。据每日电讯报...


                                    据称一名顾客在用餐后引发食源性疾病,悉尼北岸(North Shore)一家寿司店因此被罚款880澳元。

According to the Daily Telegraph, on December 2020, 12, Willoughby City Council issued a violation notice to Sushi Tamon in Chatswood Chase, because the restaurant failed to store potentially dangerous food at the correct temperature after inspection.
The cause of this inspection was that a customer contracted a food-borne illness after eating food purchased from the store on December 12.During the inspection, the Willoughby City Council stated that the food display cabinets at Sushi Tamon were not kept within the required temperature range, and the sushi rolls and other food items sold were affected.
A city council spokesperson said, “The restaurant claims to use another compliant method to control the temperature of potentially dangerous foods, including the display of food for no more than four hours, and the use of color coding rules with time monitoring. The spokesperson pointed out that during the inspection, the city council found that they did not fully comply with the system, and that the sushi rolls marked with blue tape should be discarded at 2 pm, but they were still at 2:23 pm sell. "
The spokesperson also said: "The City Council has always firmly committed to protecting the health and safety of consumers, and through a combination of education and law enforcement, to ensure that companies meet the requirements of the Food Standards Code."

In response to the fine, Sushi Tamon has implemented a new set of color coding rules that include taking food preparation time into consideration to ensure compliance.The restaurant also informed the city council that employees have received training on the new food safety system and understand the requirements for handling food.
It is understood that this is the latest fine issued by the local city council on dining establishments within its jurisdiction to ensure the safety of local businesses and the attraction to residents and tourists.

Sushi Tamon的经理拒绝对此事进行回应。

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