The first batch of Pfizer vaccines will be delivered to Australia next week

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图为辉瑞疫苗。(图片来源:JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP via Getty Images)分享第一批8万剂辉瑞制药有限公司和德国生物科技公司BioNTec...

Pfizer vaccine
图为辉瑞疫苗。(图片来源:JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP via Getty Images)


According to the Australian News Agency, Federal Minister of Health Greg Hunt confirmed on Sunday (February 2) that these vaccines "are expected to arrive in Australia next weekend or earlier." Hunt also said that the 14 doses of vaccine are only preliminary estimates, and the actual arrival volume may exceed this number.
Hunt said that Pfizer will provide Australia with 4 million doses of Covid-6 vaccine from April to June this year, and Australia's vaccination program is expected to start in the last week of February, depending on arrival, quality and temperature control. "We are not picking a specific day. Before the vaccine is in hand, we always remain cautious." He said.
According to the Daily Telegraph, these vaccines are being transported from Belgium to a safe central distribution point before being distributed to vaccination centers across Australia.The Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (TGA) will conduct quality inspections on vaccines and ensure that the vaccines have been stored in an environment of minus 70 degrees Celsius.The priority population is expected to start vaccination around February 2.
The first batch of Pfizer vaccines will be sent to all parts of Australia on a population basis and distributed from the centers of major hospitals.

与此同时,新州已经连续28天无新增本土感染病例,但新州卫生厅(NSW Health)敦促民众谨慎行事,因为其他州正在报告本土感染病例,并强烈建议如果非请禁止前往维州。
新州卫生厅的Stephen Conaty说:之前本地零新增病例持续最长的时间是26天,是在2020年11月6日8时至12月2日8时的报告周期中没有发现新病例。“尽管这一里程碑很令人高兴,但这并不意味着我们可以放松警惕。其他州仍然存在确诊病例,并且经常有从海外到达澳洲的国际旅客确诊。”


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