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Victoria has recorded 24 new COVID-5 cases in the past 19 hours, bringing the total number of active cases in the state to 19.After the cases reported during the day yesterday, two close contacts of confirmed cases related to Holiday Inn tested positive for the new crown virus last night, bringing the total number of cases related to the hotel to 13. "One of the cases was formally reported after midnight, but because public health operations started yesterday, including case interviews, this case was included in yesterday's figures," DHHS said in a statement. 13 cases...

在昨天白天通报的病例之后,昨晚又有两名与假日酒店(Holiday Inn)有关的确诊病例的密切联系人对病毒测试呈阳性,使与酒店相关的病例总数达到了13例。


The number of 13 cases included an assistant manager of the Holiday Inn, the spouses of two staff members who tested positive before, and two close contacts.

Earlier this week, two returning travelers who had completed the hotel quarantine, two catering staff and an authorized official also tested positive.

A family of three who returned from abroad and quarantined at the hotel is believed to be the source of the outbreak, bringing the total number of infections in the cluster to 13 cases.

The Andrews government and the Victorian Health Department held a high-level meeting on Friday morning and have not yet decided whether to implement a quick lock.

High-level meeting to consider Melbourne blockade

After the holiday hotel cluster has risen to 13 cases, it has sparked concerns about re-entering the lockdown. Discussions on the introduction of lockdown measures are ongoing at the top on Thursday night.

according to"太阳报》报道,由于当局预计病例会,卫生官员正在拟定快速封锁的框架。

State government advisers were ordered on Thursday to formulate a framework for another blockade, which could be launched as early as Friday night or within a few days.

When the report was released, contact tracing personnel were stepping up control of the outbreak. The outbreak on Thursday included two major household contacts of the existing cases, and the test site was also prepared for the shock.


As thousands of people are thought to have had close contact, the waiting time in the line at the test site in Melbourne's western suburbs will be extended again today.

Melbourne Airport coffee shop added as a virus exposure risk location

A popular cafe at Melbourne Airport has been linked to the Holiday Inn because a confirmed case has been here for more than eight hours.


"After further investigation by our public health team, we added a new site to the list of primary exposure sites," DHHS said in an online statement. "Anyone who has been to this location must be quarantined, tested and kept in quarantine for 14 days."

Victoria’s list of primary exposure sites has increased to dozens of sites, which means hundreds of thousands of possible close contacts.

Health experts support Victoria's rapid lockdown

After two additional cases were added to the Holiday Inn cluster last night, health experts supported a rapid lockdown plan in Victoria to avoid a "super spreading incident."

Nancy Baxter, an epidemiologist at the University of Melbourne, said that it is not yet possible to determine the extent of the virus's spread in the community.


"Therefore, the virus has a chance to spread to the entire community under our noses. I think there is a real time to control it, so now should be the time.

"This is a very difficult decision, and if there is no further community transmission, it will always look disproportionate, but I must say that you cannot prove that it is preventable.'"

Professor Baxter said that the blockade should be something that the government "needs very serious consideration today" to prevent the third wave.

"I think if you have a quarantine incident and there is a positive staff member, you know it may have spread to the community," she said.

"But when you multiply the cases you see by four or six, you are at great risk because you now have two people who have been released from quarantine who are positive. This will only increase the chance of a super transmission event. "

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