40-year-old Jin Ming walks low-key at the airport | Australia Chinatown

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[Report from our newspaper] Jin Ming was photographed by the media showing up at the airport. She was dressed in a casual dress that day, without makeup, and dressed in a low-key dress without the aura of childhood.It was also in a sudden that everyone discovered that the former "Little Wanjun" had entered the watershed of 40-year-old life.As a child star debuted, Jin Ming is the best representative of the "doll" in the minds of many viewers.In the 90s, with the broadcast of "Wan Jun", the title "Little Wan Jun" became synonymous with her overnight.Over forty years, many fans have also begun to worry about the idol’s marriage and love life, but Jin Ming is very calm when faced with urging the marriage.In her words, she likes to live in peace with the situation. The prerequisite of happiness is to make herself comfortable. Feelings are beautiful, but they are also the rarest thing. You can only wait slowly.Nowadays, although Jin Ming's career is no longer popular, she has a circle of her own and is dedicated to teaching what she has learned to more people. This is what Jin Ming has always pursued and yearned for.

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