Australia-Afghanistan border 500 tankers detonated continuously! NASA satellites visible | Chinatown, Australia

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
Huge plumes of smoke billow as a fireball blasts o. . .

Huge plumes of smoke billow as a fireball
blasts out from an oil tanker explosion on the Iran-Afghanistan
border, with reports of at least 10 injuries.

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- Sky News (@SkyNews)
February 14

A serious serial fire car explosion occurred at the junction of western Afghanistan and Iran on the 13th local time! More than 500 natural gas and fuel delivery trucks detonated one after another, causing more than 60 people at the scene with minor or serious injuries, and the number of casualties may continue to increase. The raging flames continue to burn and the smoke is flying straight into the sky. Even the NASA satellites Two explosions can be observed, and the cause of the explosion has not yet been clarified.

According to Afghan officials and local media reports, Islamabad, a border city in Herat Province in western Afghanistan,

According to "Reuters", Younus, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Herat Province
Qazizada said that after preliminary investigations, the fires caused by the two explosions caused at least US$2 million in damages.The Ministry of Electricity Supply of Afghanistan said through a spokesperson that the fire continued to burn until the night, causing the authorities to make a decision to shut down the electricity supply from Iran. Herat Province, which relies on Iran's electricity supply, was plunged into darkness.

It is reported that Islamabad is located 120 kilometers west of the province’s capital city of Herat. It is the transportation hub between Afghanistan and Iran. However, the road between Islamabad and Herat is a dangerous road full of criminal groups and the Taliban. Being active in this area makes locals rarely drive this route at night.

Iran ready to render assistance to
Afghanistan after gas tanker explosion on common border

- Press TV (@PressTV)
February 13

In addition, the report pointed out that, in fact, the United States allowed Afghanistan to import oil and fuel from Iran. This is a special concession that can protect Afghanistan from US sanctions against Iran.According to satellite images on the 13th, dozens of tankers were parked at the border crossing before the explosion.

#Afghanistan Herat Province near
#Iran border

Tankers containing fuel and gas explosion

Iran and Afghanistan working together to put out this massive

— Soureh (@soureh_)
February 13

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