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As the new crown virus invades Victorian communities again, as of the latest data on Saturday, February 2, the cumulative number of confirmed new crown cases in Australia has risen to 13, and the number of deaths is still 288891.
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There were 2 new imported cases in NSW and a total of 5136 confirmed cases.One new local case was confirmed in Victoria, with a total of 1 confirmed cases.There were 20466 new imported cases in Queensland, with a total of 2 cases, Western Australia with 1319 cases, South Australia with 910 cases, Capital Territory with 606 cases, Northern Territory with 118 cases, and Tazhou with 102 cases.

In terms of deaths, there are still 54 deaths in NSW, 820 in Victoria, 6 in Queensland, 9 in Western Australia, 3 in the Capital Territory, 4 in South Australia, 13 in Tasmania, and zero in the Northern Territory.

Victoria: Over 2 tests per day, 1 new local case

As Victoria entered a five-day emergency lockdown period, Victoria recorded another locally-infected new crown case.

In the 8 hours ending at 24 pm on Friday, Victoria has conducted 20,116 new crown tests. Apart from this new local case, there are no imported cases from other places or overseas.

The total number of active cases in Victoria is currently 20.

NSW: No local new additions, 2 overseas travelers confirmed

There have been no locally transmitted cases of new crowns in NSW for 27 consecutive days, but two travelers who were isolated in hotels have been diagnosed.

In the 8 hours ending at 24pm on Friday night, NSW conducted 13 COVID-088 tests, down from 14,518 the day before.

A spokesperson for the NSW Department of Health said in a statement, “In view of the current situation in Victoria, it is very important for us to remain vigilant”.

"To detect unknown cases in the community that may create a new chain of transmission, a high detection rate is one of our most effective defenses. If you have any symptoms of the new coronavirus, do not delay, test immediately, and keep it until the result is negative. isolation."

Queensland: No local new additions, 2 overseas travelers diagnosed

Queensland Governor Annastacia Palaszczuk confirmed that there were no new local cases in the past 24 hours of the reporting period, but two travellers who had returned from overseas and were isolated in hotels were diagnosed.

The latest news released by Palazuk on social media on Saturday morning shows that in the past 24 hours, Queensland has conducted 7597 new crown tests, and contact trackers are actively looking for about 1500 people who have entered Queensland via Melbourne Airport. Travelers.

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