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Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~! reported that a young Liberal Party employee alleged that she was raped in Congress two years ago. Brittany Higgins alleged that she was raped by another employee in the office of Secretary of Defense Relos after going out to play with her colleagues at night.She was 2. . .Australia Chinatown
      报道,一名年轻的自由党员工指她两年前在国会遭强暴。<br />

Brittany Higgins alleged that she was raped by another employee in the office of Secretary of Defense Relos after hanging out with her colleagues at night.She was 24 years old at the time and had only been in class for a few months in Congress.

Higgins said she was under the influence of alcohol that night and was brought into Congress by the employee.She was lying on the office sofa and said that when she woke up she found herself raped by the employee.

Higgins reported the alleged sexual assault to the police, but finally decided not to make a formal complaint.It was only a few weeks before Morrison decided on the 2019 federal election.

Higgins, who was Senator Relos’ media adviser at the time, told that she felt compelled to choose between calling the police and having a job.

A few days after being accused of sexual assault, Higgins was called to the room where she claimed that the assault occurred to hold a formal meeting with Relos and a senior employee.

Higgins said Relos was frightened, but she wanted to know if she was going to call the police.

Higgins told, “She said that if you choose to call the police, we will support you in the process, but we need to know in advance. We need to know now.”

A spokesman for Senator Relos said that the meeting there was a wrong decision.

The spokesperson said in a statement: "During this process, the minister and a senior employee met with this employee in the minister's office. Given the seriousness of the incident, this meeting would have been held elsewhere."

After the 2019 general election, Higgins went to work in Senator Michaelia Cash's office. Although a reporter asked questions, Cash said at the time that he did not know about it.

Higgins resigned from Congress in January this year.She said in her resignation letter: "Because of the ongoing problems with my work in the former Secretary of Defense Industry, I think it is appropriate to resign now."
Higgins took pictures in the toilet showing his thigh injury … c306c51894fe2d63635 … t-parliament-house/

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