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Vaccine-related news gave financial services stocks a boost.As the possibility of further blockade and unemployment is reduced, the

Vaccine-related news gave financial services stocks a boost.Due to further blockades and reduced likelihood of unemployment, as well as increased consumer and business confidence in borrowing and purchasing, institutions that bear consumer debt will benefit from the growing consumer confidence.


截至2020年12月7日,Visa [V] 股价上涨11.3%,较3月份市场抛售时创下的52周低点133.93美元上涨了58.8%。2020年11月9日(周一),乔•拜登(Joe Biden)当选美国以及辉瑞(Pfizer) 候选疫苗的消息推动了整个市场的上涨行情,Visa股价创下了217.65美元的盘中历史新高。


2020年初至12月初,万事达卡 [MA]的股价上涨了12.4%。2020年12月7日,其收盘价为340.96美元,较去年3月创下的52周盘中低点199.99美元上涨了70.5%。8月底,也就是9月初市场调整之前,万事达卡股价触及367.25美元的历史新高。2020年11月9日,万事达卡股票开盘价比当年11月6日周五的收盘价高出约10%。


2020年初起,贝莱德 [BLK]股价已累计上涨39.4%,自2020年3月触及52周低点323.31美元以来已上涨119.4%。自2020年11月9日以来,贝莱德股价持续攀升,在此后的几周内上涨了6.5%。

In the past period of time, the financial services industry, clean energy, local banks and airlines have continuously climbed the rankings in the ETF Database industry strength rankings.Currently, the financial services industry ranks seventh with an average return rate of 24.1% over the three months.Among the funds that support this ranking, the exchange-traded fund (ETF) iShares US Financials ETF performed the best. As of December 2020, 12, the fund's Visa (2%), Mastercard (6.48%) and Bei Ryder (4.05%) is among the top ten in terms of share.

iShares ETF目前持有232支股票,资产价值总计11.6亿美元。尽管2020年初至今,该基金已下跌3.4%,但相比3月份的低点已上涨68.7%。

So, what factors are currently shaping the pattern of the financial services industry?


What is the new consumption model?

As the epidemic has restricted consumer spending for most of 2020, the revenue and net profit of major credit card companies have fallen sharply.




Visa and Mastercard both mentioned similar topics in their recent quarterly reports.Most notably, the reduction in travel/exit restrictions has had a significant impact on the volume of cross-border payments.In the three months to the end of September 2020, Visa's cross-border payments fell by 9% year-on-year, and Mastercard's cross-border payments fell by 47% year-on-year.

However, people have rekindled confidence in domestic consumption. Visa and Mastercard both announced the total payment for the most recent quarter. Compared with the three months ending June 2020, the situation has improved slightly, with Visa achieving a year-on-year growth of about 6%.

Credit card companies recognize that they need to ease the pressure of international consumer activities if they want to promote the continued recovery of total payments and revenue.Although the introduction of a global vaccine can lift exit restrictions and encourage people to travel, thereby ameliorating the downturn in international consumption, it is not easy.

Sachin Mehra, Mastercard’s Chief Financial Officer, said: “Although we believe that cross-border travel will eventually recover, it will take some time to build people’s confidence in travel safety. We believe this is closely related to the widespread availability of vaccines and therapies. The vaccine is expected to be widely vaccinated in the second half of next year."

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