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1 I am crispy.Yesterday was Lichun, a 43-year-old man who also went with the spring breeze.His name is Zhao Yingjun, well-known in the Mainland


I am crispy.

Yesterday was Lichun, a 43-year-old man who also went with the spring breeze.

His name is Zhao Yingjun, a well-known singer in the Mainland.


You may not be familiar with this name, but you must have heard the song he wrote.

Zhao Yingjun has composed many popular songs, among which "The King Asked Me to Tour the Mountains" was a smash hit.

He also composed theme songs for many movies.

For example, "Detective Chinatown", "Pancake Man", "Hong Kong Joke", and so on.

As long as there is his song in the movie, it will probably sell well, and Zhao Yingjun has the title of "box office mascot" because of this.


He has a persistent pursuit of music, and the industry calls him a rare wizard in the music industry, and he is quite dedicated.

Although he was diagnosed with cancer treatment two years ago, he still did not relax his work.

The last song he composed and sang was the theme song of the movie "Send You A Little Red Flower".

After Zhao Yingjun's death, Zhang Jingying wrote sadly on Weibo:

He took the painkiller and recorded "Send You A Little Red Flower" at home.


A 43-year-old musical prodigy, his life came suddenly, which is regrettable.

Last night, his Weibo posted a long essay with the title: This is the last small essay he left to the world.


In this farewell letter sent by his relatives, he told his love for the world and hoped that everything would be well.

He hoped, "My family will not be sad for me for too long, and live a good life. This world is worth fighting for."

He asked not to be black, black and white, crying and weeping to commemorate, but to send him the last trip with carnival.

He finally asked everyone, "Don't forget me so quickly."

"I have liked rain since I was a child. If there is a storm in the evening, I will come to see you."

Many netizens left a message: I don’t know Zhao Yingjun, but his suicide note made me burst into tears...

But the one that stokes the most is the sentence in Zhao Yingjun's farewell letter:

Really reluctant, I love this world so much.

I have not married the one I love, have not had a child, and have not taken my parents to surf on the beach.

I haven’t been to the Bird’s Nest for a concert, I haven’t become a film director, I haven’t seen the reunification of the motherland, I haven’t seen the ending of One Piece...


We always think that all the farewells in this world will have solemn rituals.

Such as drinking, traveling, and crying.

But I don't know that the real departure is silent.

Death and disaster are uninvited guests.

The last time I met, I might not see you thereafter.

From then on, the colored clouds were easily scattered and the glass was broken.

Since then, the mountains and seas that I love can no longer be equal.

When you cross the hills, you will find that there is no one waiting.


In June last year, in the explosion of a tanker in Wenling, Zhejiang, a cell phone kept ringing, and the whole network was crying.


After the explosion, a middle-aged man’s wife lost contact, and he kept calling his wife’s mobile phone anxiously.

Suddenly, in the ruins, he heard the familiar cell phone ringing.

The firefighters rushed in quickly, followed the ringtone of the mobile phone to determine the location, and began the rescue.

He kept making calls, and after ten hours, the firefighters were getting closer and closer to the cell phone.

The firemen dug up the last layer of soil and found the phone.It was discovered that there was only one lady's bag beside him, and the owner was nowhere to be seen.

The screen of the phone that was found showed a total of 76 missed calls.

The owner of this phone can no longer hear the ringtones of incoming calls.

Ten hours ago, the man was ecstatic when he heard the familiar ringtone of the cell phone.

Ten hours later, holding his wife's mobile phone, the man was silent and sad.

I don't know what kind of story the man and his wife had before the explosion.

But it must have the warmth of ordinary people.

However, in just a few minutes, it exploded, and it was close to the end of the world, and we could only see each other in a dream.

In the accident, there was also a teenage child who was doing homework at home.

The house where he lived was hit by explosives and the child was unfortunately killed.


The boy’s aunt told reporters:

Normally on weekends, the boy’s parents would take him out, but this Saturday, the boy asked his classmates to do homework at home, but he had an accident.

Faye Wong sings in "Red Beans":

I will believe that everything has an end, get together and leave, there will always be times, nothing will be immortal.

Death will have a thousand gates, and there will be a thousand ways of coming.

Life is like an adversity. It will be staged and left at any time. If you pass by, it may be forever.


Milan Kundera wrote in "The Unbearable Lightness of Life":

We experience everything that comes suddenly in life,

Unsuspecting, it's like an actor entering a walkthrough.

In the past year, I attended three funerals.

One was a grandmother in her 80s. One morning in October, she left without warning;

One was a 30-year-old student who was in an accidental car accident;

In the other scene, a colleague from before was unable to stay after being tortured by the disease for two years.

At every funeral, I couldn't help crying.

I think of my grandmother, always think of visiting my house, and want to go to Xiangya to treat her chronic disease;

I think of the young girl who died young, she was so young, her eyes were so bright, and she had countless sunny plans for the future;

I want to go to the colleague who is in the doctor for the last time. He smiled and said to me:

When I get better, we will climb Yuelu Mountain together to see who gets to the top of the mountain first.

Now they are so close and so far.

Before the age of 30, you will be high-spirited, have no reverence for the world, and live recklessly;

After 30 years old, you will find that as a person gets older, he will face more and more farewells.

In "The Fantasy Drifting of the Youth School", there is a very heart-warming line:

I guess the end of life is to let go, but the most distressing thing forever is that it is too late to say goodbye.

What day is tomorrow?When is next time?How long will it be?


This is a world that is popular to leave, and we are not good at saying goodbye.

When parting, you cherish each other.

But you don't know, the best farewell is actually to see you the next day.

The so-called treasure, in fact, is to be as early as possible.


Bai Yansong once said:

Every parting is a small death.

We meet and meet again every day, but we don't know that, with many people, we have already met for the last time in this life.

Even those who were closest to each other are no exception.


Think about how many elementary school classmates and middle school classmates have you and how many classmates you have never seen again since you graduated, and never saw you again?

There are too many people who have separated before they can say to take care.

Gathering and dispersing can't help you, disappear in the wind.

After the college entrance examination, you and your classmates agree to go to the Internet cafe to play games overnight.

You went to the Internet cafe, but found that someone you had an appointment did not come, and you never saw each other again in your life.

After graduating from university, you go to the high-speed rail station to see your roommate off. You have agreed that you will gather together every year from now on.

On the day of the appointment, I found that someone in the WeChat group would never answer again.

You went to a new company and met many new or old friends.

You live in the same city, and it only takes ten minutes to take the subway.

However, in this life and this world, you will never meet again.

In everyone's heart, there is a long list with beautiful expectations.

However, they are always delayed and shelved.

At that time, you only said that it was common, but you didn't know that this was the last time in your life to laugh.

In Hayao Miyazaki's "Spirited Away", there is this sentence:

Life is a one-way train. There will be many stations on the road, and it is difficult for someone to accompany it from beginning to end.

So, don't wait until your life is dying, to think of the flowers.

Don't let down the current encounter.

If you see someone in your dream, you must remember to find him when you wake up.


I very much agree with a view of the writer Mr. Wang Er:

After the age of 30, stop obsessing with late-night wine.

Because, the wine in the middle of the night, even if it is lively, has an end;

The porridge in the morning, getting together, is the beginning.

The outside world is too lively, and it's just a moment; being with someone close to you is eternal.

In the second season of "Long Reader", a sentence from Yuan Quan instantly made the audience cry:

Any passer-by you meet on the road is someone that everyone else wants to see.

Really, don't wait until regret is too late to remember the goodness of those who get along with each other day and night.

Sometimes, remember to stop.

Take them to enjoy the beauty of life, to fulfill unfinished wishes, to cherish the days with them.

Because, whether you love it or not, you will never see you again in your next life.

Cherish the present, live with heart, sincere and enthusiasm, this is something everyone should do quickly.

Jia Zhangke said in "The Old Man of Mountains and Rivers":

Everyone can only walk with you for a while, and you have to be prepared for him to leave at any time.


Owning is a fluke, and accidents in life are the norm.

Don't wait for the unexpected to come, and then think of yourself empty-handed, ashamed of your beloved, this person's love can only be a memory.

May Zhao Yingjun be in another world without the pain of disease, and his beloved music will always be with him.

In this world, getting together is actually more difficult than parting.

What we need to do is to keep going forward, chasing the stars in the sky, watching the magnificent sea, and loving those around us in time.

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Well-known singer Zhao Yingjun died at the age of 43 due to illness. He wrote theme songs for films such as "Pancake Man" and "Hong Kong Joke" (Video/Photos)

Zhao Yingjun’s last words to the world: Don’t be sad for me for too long, live a good life (photo)

After Zhao Yingjun's death, Xue Zhiqian went on the hot search. He once sang "Waiting" for him, Zhang Luo's song re-sing plan, and the world bought special medicine for his friends (Photos)

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