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Beijing, February 2 (Reporter Yuan Xiuyue) On the 10th night of the twelfth lunar month of the lunar calendar, the "2021 Spring Festival Gala" officially announced the program list, Jackie Chan and Zhen. . .
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Beijing, February 2th (Reporter

In addition, what are the highlights of this year's Spring Festival Gala?

Highlight XNUMX: The cast is unprecedented

Prior to this, many actors and singers appeared on CCTV to participate in the Spring Festival Gala.However, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala can only set the final list at the last minute of each year, so it is unknown who will finally be on the stage.

Judging from the program list, this year's Spring Festival Gala has an unprecedented cast.From well-known performing artists to young actors, from singing, dancing, and drama, the entire program fully takes into account the needs of audiences of all ages.

There are not only the familiar faces of the Spring Festival Gala such as Yue Yunpeng, Tong Liya, Jia Ling, Sun Tao, Zhang Guoli, Li Yundi, but also the newcomers of the Spring Festival Gala such as Yang Mi, Wang Yibo, Di Lieba, Li Xian, Chen Linong, and Times Youth League, as well as the older generations such as Yang Hongji and Jiang Dawei. Artists will perform on stage.The old, middle-aged and young artists performed on the same stage, inspiring people with the power of art.

CCTV's "2021 Spring Festival Gala" is directed by Chen Linchun, and Xia Yu, Zou Wei, and Zhao Yue are the deputy directors.It is worth mentioning that the chief director Chen Linchun has participated in more than ten Spring Festival Gala.

Highlight XNUMX: The number of cross talk shows is the most in recent years

Judging from the program list, the comprehensive presentation of various programs of this Spring Festival Gala has its own bright spots.


"The Road to Dream", "China in the Light", "Sing a Folk Song for the Party" and other songs, use artistic power to inspire people, compose Chinese stories with passionate melody, and sing a great new era.


The variety of dance programs is rich.Chinese classical dance, modern and contemporary dance, ballet, qi dance, etc. bloom in full bloom in the garden. "Festival" brings together the characteristics of singing and dancing from the five continents, and a beautiful picture of "each has its beauty" and "beauty and beauty together" slowly unfolds; "Jasmine", "Crested Ibis", "Auspiciousness and Auspiciousness" show the audience the cultural heritage and nature of the East The beauty; the national song and dance "One Heart" shows the demeanor of all nationalities.

Language programs show the life trajectory of the people in the past year, with rich themes and endless laughter.The skit "The Balcony" takes the audience back to the "balcony story" of the people across the country overcoming the difficulties, and brings the touch of mutual assistance; the skit "Cleaning up" satirizes formalism and bureaucracy, allowing the audience to praise the righteousness in laughter The skit "I am urged to marry every holiday season" simultaneously shows the youth power in the fight against poverty in the clash of love and intergenerational concepts.

In addition, there are "Twists and Threes" and "The Happiness Toward Spring" and other sketches are closely related to public life, and strive to make the people enjoy it.Crosstalk works are the most numerous in recent years. Works such as "The Song of the New Year's Eve", "Such Parents" and "Selling" are witty words, and the cast is even more new.

Creative programs put a lot of effort into innovation.The special program "Report to the Motherland" uses the dream of spaceflight to help the dream of a strong country, and the decisive victory of a decisive battle against poverty, entrusts the realization of the dream of a well-off. The winners of the "2020 Poverty Alleviation Award" came to the Spring Festival Gala to share the joy of victory with the people across the country.

The special program "National Treasure Going Home" is a series of display of cultural relics lost from returning to the country in a narrative way, based on the protection and inheritance of Chinese traditional culture.
The opera program shows its aesthetic tradition in the form of a three-story landscape stage design and a carnival. The classic Peking Opera, Henan Opera, Yue Opera, Cantonese Opera, Huangmei Opera and other operas are wonderful and show the spirit of Chinese excellent traditional culture.

CCTV Spring Festival Gala Poster

Highlight XNUMX: The stage performance is full of technological sense Andy Lau and Jay Chou

The Spring Festival Gala is not only a literary feast, but also a grand gathering of technological innovation.The whole show will integrate technological aesthetics with high-quality content. AR, XR, movie special effects technology, etc. will wonderfully present the effects that cannot be completed on the real stage, integrating the virtual space and the real world.

This year’s Spring Festival Gala’s main screen adopts a large 61.4K ultra-high-definition large screen measuring 12.4 meters × 8 meters. The center of the Spring Festival Gala studio is arranged in a circular arc shape. At the back and above the auditorium, 154 screens constitute an ultra-high-definition large screen. The main screen, ground screen and decorative ice screen are integrated to form a dome studio space, which expands the stage visual space.The innovative design integrates the on-stage and off-stage, integrates the on-site audience interaction, and also allows the "cloud" audience to be the guests of the Spring Festival Gala.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, some actors who are beloved by the audience, such as Andy Lau and Jay Chou, cannot come to the scene.In order to satisfy the wishes of the audience, the Spring Festival Gala adopts "cloud" communication and "cloud" interactive forms for the first time to realize the connection of hearts and minds.At the Spring Festival Gala, "cloud" actors will participate in the performance through pre-recorded and technically packaged videos.This method is not a simple connection or intermission, but as an indispensable part of the program and closely linked with the live actors.

This year's Spring Festival Gala dance was also presented for the first time in 8K ultra-high-definition video.The entire studio hall is shaped, varied and colorful, and the large-screen "control, management and supervision" playback system independently developed by the central station can cut, synthesize and synchronously and safely play 120 ultra-high-definition videos.

At the same time, this year's Spring Festival Gala will use AI+VR naked-eye 3D studio technology for the first time, breaking through the traditional stage space presentation form, novel and cool, and full of technological sense.With panoramic free-view shooting, interactive photography control, special shooting and real-time virtual rendering production, this Spring Festival Gala will bring a surprise trip through the sensory experience for viewers in front of TV sets and mobile phones. (Finish)

Attachment: 2021 CCTV Spring Festival Gala Program


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