Australia-US Ambassador to the United Nations was "have delivered a pro-China speech", senator blocked personnel appointment | Australia Chinatown

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Linda-Thomas Greenfield, Biden's nominee for US. . .

Linda-Thomas Greenfield, Biden's nominee for
US ambassador to the UN, pledged to take a tougher line against
China and its push to exert influence over the organization during
her confirmation hearing.

- NPR (@NPR)
January 28, 2021

The US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee was originally scheduled to vote on the personnel appointment of the US ambassador to the United Nations on the 3rd, but the associate ambassador to the United Nations nominated by President Biden, Thomas Greenfield (Linda Greenfield)
Thomas-Greenfield), he had made pro-China remarks in the past. Although the African-American diplomat admitted that he "really regretted giving that speech", he was still accused by Republican Senator Cruz (Ted).
Cruz) postponed the vote on the proposal.The sudden delay may result in Thomas Greenfield’s final personnel appointment vote, forced to postpone it until next week, or even later.

According to a comprehensive foreign report, Cruz stated on the voting agenda of the Foreign Affairs Committee that Thomas Greenfield made a speech on the overseas Confucius Institutes funded by the Chinese government in October 2019, and appreciated China’s “Belt and Road” construction in Africa, which can be peaceful. The United States has made a positive impact on Africa, but has never condemned or mentioned China's human rights violations.

Thomas Greenfield tried to defend herself in the Foreign Affairs Committee and reviewed her remarks at the time, calling China a "strategic opponent", and she also admitted that "I do regret giving that speech."However, Cruz was not satisfied with this statement, and still worried that she would not be tough when facing the Beijing government.

Therefore, Cruz cited the rules of the Foreign Affairs Committee, which allows any committee member to postpone an agenda, but the voting agenda will only be postponed by one day.A spokesperson for the Democratic Party in the Foreign Affairs Committee said that the party has foreseen that this may happen, so it has arranged a "back-to-back" agenda in advance. Even if Cruz postponed this agenda on the 3rd, the agenda on the 4th had already been arranged. Voting for the appointment of Good Thomas Greenfield.

As time approaches, the Senate is about to start deliberation on the second impeachment case of former President Trump. Cruz hopes to delay Thomas Greenfield’s voting schedule before the impeachment case begins, so that the Senate will be in the impeachment case. There is no time to look back at her personnel appointment vote.The content and details of the presidential impeachment case are so huge that it usually makes the Senate pay full attention to the case and cannot push other agendas for the time being.

Senate leaders have not yet expressed their agreement or disagreement on whether the senators can deliberate on other agendas during the impeachment case.

Biden's vote on Thomas Greenfield's appointment was postponed and has not yet issued any reply.State Department Spokesperson Price (Ned
Price) stated that if the ambassador to the United Nations is not approved by Congress, it will be difficult for the United States to hold China responsible for human rights violations internationally.

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