Australia-International flights will be grounded in Melbourne, the governor proposes to reduce the number of international arrivals (Photos) | Australia Chinatown

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(Image source: News Corporation Australia)



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p style=”text-align: center”> (Image source: News Corporation Australia)


Andrews表示,席卷欧洲和世界其他地区的英国高传染性变异毒株 “相比去年的病毒,非常不同,带来更大的挑战”,而为期5天的硬性封锁是阻止社区传播的关键。


(Internship: Sasha)

To understand the most timely and comprehensive epidemic information, quickly click to view the new crown epidemic map>>

Topic: The spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Australia enters the topic >>

Latest: Sydney childcare center closed urgently and employees are being tested for suspected illness (photo)

Update: Doctor Huang has apologized | insisting on "Wuhan pneumonia", the Australian Chinese District Clinic was accused of offending!The front desk responded to reporters: "Isn't it? Get out!"

Rolling update: Morrison announces XNUMX billion subsidies to Australian stocks, the NSW government considers closing Bunnings

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