Australia's latest poll: 71% of adults are willing to be vaccinated before October

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(Photo source: THOMAS KIENZLE/AFP via Getty Images) Sharing from next week, pharmaceutical company Pfizer (Pfizer) and German pharmaceutical company BioNTech research...

(Photo credit: THOMAS KIENZLE/AFP via Getty Images)


According to the Daily Mail, this survey of 4000 Australians over the age of 16 found that 64% of respondents said they would definitely get vaccinated, 27% were not sure, and 9% would definitely not get vaccinated. vaccine.Respondents who are unwilling to vaccinate believe that the vaccine is being developed too quickly, and they are worried about the unknown long-term side effects of the vaccine or allergic reactions after vaccination.
The report quoted government sources as saying that the head of the health department is very satisfied with the results of the investigation and believes that more than 71% of people will eventually choose to be vaccinated.This is because when people see that there are no side effects after the vaccination of relatives and friends, they will be more convinced of the safety of the vaccine.Moreover, the survey did not take into account incentives for vaccination, such as requiring travellers abroad to be vaccinated.
The source also said, "Health officials are not worried about the survey figures, this is just a baseline level."
Currently, two Covid-19 vaccines have been approved by the Australian medical supplies regulatory agency, namely Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine and the British drug manufacturer AstraZeneca (AstraZeneca) and the University of Oxford jointly developed the Covid-19 vaccine.

澳洲国立大学疾病专家Peter Collignon教授表示,让澳洲71%的人口接种疫苗将对减少重症和死亡病例产生“巨大影响”。从短期来看,问题不是没有足够的人来接种疫苗,而是疫苗数量不够。他还说, 10月份之后,接种疫苗不会成为问题,因为届时澳洲将拥有相对过剩的疫苗。
Australian Prime Minister Morrison’s goal is to vaccinate 4 million Australians by April and vaccinate all Australians by October.

Qantas (Qantas) President Alan Joyce has previously stated that he will require any passengers on Qantas flights to prove that they have been vaccinated.NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian also said that in the future, shops and restaurants may be required to only accept vaccinated customers.

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