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Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that the regulatory approval of the AstraZeneca vaccine paved the way for all Australians to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.The Therapeutic Goods Administration temporarily approved AstraZeneca's anti-coronavirus treatment, making it the second Covid vaccine approved in Australia. TGA said in a statement that it would approve AstraZeneca's vaccine for all age groups over 18 years of age. …
    总理Scott Morrison说,阿斯利康(AstraZeneca)疫苗的监管批准为所有澳大利亚人接种COVID-19疫苗铺平了道路。

The Therapeutic Goods Administration temporarily approved AstraZeneca's anti-coronavirus treatment, making it the second Covid vaccine approved in Australia.

TGA said in a statement that it would approve AstraZeneca's vaccine for all age groups over 18 years of age.

Mr Morrison said that this approval would bring "significant changes" to the lives of all Australians and the future of the country as a whole.


The TGA said that the two-dose vaccine has received regulatory approval for people 18 years and older.The regulator said the decision to vaccinate people over 18 years old with AstraZeneca would be "evaluated on a case-by-case basis."

The AstraZeneca vaccine (AstraZeneca) will begin to arrive in Australia in early March, with more than 3 million doses from Europe.The remaining part of the total 300 million doses of AstraZeneca will be locally produced by CSL in Melbourne, and will be administered at a rate of one million doses per week after obtaining TGA approval.

The Pfizer vaccine was approved by the TGA last month. The vaccination will begin on Monday, and the front-line quarantine and medical staff will take the lead in vaccination.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said that since Monday, the federal administration of Pfizer vaccine will include 240 elderly care facilities.

Yesterday, the first batch of 142,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine arrived in Sydney.

The vaccine is here!Australia's first vaccines have arrived

The government stated that the federal government will be responsible for vaccinating elderly care for 30,000 doses of the first batch of Pfizer vaccines.

Old Australians "should be vaccinated"

The head of the Drug Administration, John Skerritt, said there is no upper age limit for the agency's approval of AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine.

Professor Skerritt said that despite the TGA's statement that the decision to vaccinate AstraZeneca for people over 65 will be "evaluated on a case-by-case basis," he recommends that elderly Australians receive the vaccine.

Professor Skerritt said that the data on the elderly population is "limited," but there is no data to show that the vaccine is not effective for the elderly.

He said that the promotion of the AstraZeneca vaccine in the UK showed "very good results" for the elderly.

"We have no reason, we think there is no reason to limit its use to specific age groups," he said.

Everyone who wants a vaccine will be vaccinated by October

Minister Hunt has stated that every Australian who wishes to be vaccinated will receive the first dose of AstraZeneca by October.

TGA recommends a 12-week interval between two AstraZeneca vaccinations.

Minister Hunt has previously stated that the government’s goal is to vaccinate the entire population by October.

"In terms of timing, this means that more Australians will receive more vaccines earlier," he said.

"Every Australian who wants to be vaccinated can receive at least the first dose of vaccine," he said.

TGA supports the second vaccine

TGA said that elderly patients over 65 have shown strong immune responses to the vaccine in clinical trials, but not enough participants "finally determine the efficacy of this subgroup."

"It is reassuring that in clinical studies, there are no safety concerns for people of this age group, and there are no problems with the large number of elderly people who have been vaccinated overseas," the TGA statement said.

"The decision to immunize elderly patients should be based on age, complications and circumstances, combined with the benefits and potential risks of vaccination, depending on the specific situation."

Overseas drug regulatory agencies are divided on the approval of AstraZeneca vaccines over 65.

Although the vaccine has been approved for use in the UK, authorities in France, Germany, Sweden and Austria have stated that the vaccine should be given priority to people under 65.

Vaccination plans in states and territories

The first batch of COVID-19 vaccines will start in Australia on February 2.

The following is the vaccine delivery plan for each state so far. Check the official link below for more updates:


There will be six vaccine centers in Queensland that will give priority populations the first batch of vaccine injections-Pfizer vaccine that must be stored at -70°C.Gold Coast University Hospital will be the first to start vaccination from February 2.

The six vaccine centers will be located in the following hospitals: Cairns Hospital, Townsville Hospital, Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Sunshine Coast University Hospital and Gold Coast University Hospital.

Remote Indigenous communities may have to wait for the approval and delivery of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine because it is easier to distribute.

Queensland Vaccination Program

New South Wales

The government has identified eleven vaccination centers to begin administering Pfizer vaccines to priority groups. They are Sydney’s RPA, Westmead, Liverpool, Hornsby, St George, Nepean, Newcastle, Wollongong, Coffs Harbour, Dubbo and Wagga Wagga hospitals. .

Frontline health and quarantine personnel are included in the federal government’s Phase 1a plan and will be vaccinated first.

NSW stated that the medical staff who need priority vaccination include ambulance and patient transport staff, emergency department staff, intensive care unit staff, COVID clinic and COVID test staff (public and private), COVID ward staff, COVID immunity clinic staff, and COVID pathology experiment Room personnel (public and private) and those working in special health accommodation facilities.

Support staff including cleaners, porters and security will also be given priority.

NSW Vaccination Program


The government announced nine vaccination centers for the initial implementation, including those covered by the local health network of Western Health, Austin Health, Monash Health, Barwon Health, Goulburn Valley Health, Latrobe Health, Bendigo Health, Ballarat Health and Albury-Wodonga Health Urban and rural areas.

State Health Secretary Martin Foley said that according to the federal government's Phase 1a plan, all front-line workers will be vaccinated, but this will not become a condition of their employment.

Rhonda Stuart of the Monash Health Department of Health stated that it has the freezing capacity to store 18 doses of Pfizer and has conducted simulation tests to check the clinic procedures of Casey, Clayton and Dandenong.

Victoria COVID-19 updates

South Australia

South Australia announced nine vaccination centers for the first deployment.Vaccination centers in major metropolitan areas are located at: Royal Adelaide Hospital, Flinders Medical Centre, Lyell McEwin Hospital, Women's and Children's Hospital

The vaccination centers in rural areas are located at: Riverland General Hospital in Berri, Mount Gambier Hospital, Whyalla Hospital, Pt Pirie Hospital, Pt Augusta Hospital.

The state has also launched a recruitment program, seeking hundreds of staff to join the South Australian Health Service's "vaccine army".

"Nurses, midwives, doctors, pharmacists, paramedics and administrative staff will form a multidisciplinary team to implement COVID-19 vaccination across the state, first at a specialized vaccination center within our local health network," Secretary of Health and Welfare Stephen Wade said.

SA COVID-19 updates

Northern Territory

The initial vaccine center will be located in the Royal Darwin Hospital (Royal Darwin Hospital), and a second vaccination center will be opened at Alice Springs in the next few weeks.

The Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, Michael Gunner, stated that the Northern Territory will receive 4000 doses of Pfizer vaccine within the first four weeks of the launch of the plan.

Chief Health Officer Hugh Heggie said that staff in the International Area of ​​the Howard Springs Quarantine Service will be vaccinated "at the earliest."

The Danila Dilba Health Service expects that vaccinations for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people will begin in April.It plans to vaccinate AstraZeneca at multiple locations in Darwin and Palmerston.

NT COVID-10 updates

The first batch of vaccinations for priority groups will be carried out through three major hospitals in Tasmania: North West Regional Hospital, Launceston General Hospital and Royal Hobart Hospital.

A group managed by the Australian government will provide vaccinations in residential nursing homes and disability care facilities.

Tasmanian Governor Peter Gutwein said that Tasmania will receive 2340 doses of Pfizer every week in the first three weeks. This number will double from 4680 doses per week from the fourth week.The increased dose allows people to have a second injection.

The first dose will be vaccinated at Royal Hobart Hospital and will be provided to residents' nursing homes through an Australian government project.

In March, the plan will be moved to Launceston General Hospital and then to North West Regional Hospital in Burnie.

Tasmanian Vaccination Program

Western Australia

Western Australia Governor Mark McGowan said that about 10,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine will arrive on February 2, and quarantine and border workers will be vaccinated first.

The vaccine will be administered at six locations across the state: Perth Children's Hospital, Albany Health Campus, Hedland Health Campus, Kalgoorlie Health Campus, Geraldton Health Campus and Roome Health Campus.

State Health Secretary Roger Cook said: “The medical team at the PCH Vaccination Center is expected to vaccinate the first available vaccines for high-risk individuals in isolated hotels and international airports.”

Cook admitted that the refrigeration requirements for the vaccine will be difficult, "especially in Western Australia, where we are far apart and the population is very scattered."

WA COVID-19 updates

Canberra Capital Territory

Canberra's COVID-19 Surge Centre in Garran Oval will conduct the first batch of vaccinations in the territory.

The authorities will contact the people in the priority group via email and ask them to make an appointment.

Frontline medical staff are among the first to be vaccinated. They have been told that vaccination is not a mandatory requirement for them to continue their employment relationship.

ACT Vaccination Program

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