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On the morning of February 2, Hong Kong media broke the news that Eason Chan (Eason) and Liu Haolong (senior brother) were photographed driving to Causeway Bay.


In the past year due to the epidemic situation, Eason Chan, who was suspended from work and staying at home, became an "unemployed person." He revealed in front of the camera that he had almost zero income in the past year. He laughed at himself as suffering from "purse-packed liver cirrhosis", and only 3000 million Hong Kong dollars left in bank cards. .However, at the end of last year, Eason Chan went to the Mainland to earn a lot of money for business performances. After filling his wallet, he returned to Hong Kong to rest and prepare for the New Year.


For the sake of safety, Liu Haolong wears a mask all the way and takes adequate preventive measures.In the picture, Eason Chan, who wears a canvas cap and sportswear, looks slightly blessed; contrasts with Liu Haolong, who is wearing a long shirt and slacks on the side, who is well maintained in middle age (44 years old).

Liu Haolong, 44, participated in the first Global Chinese Rookie Singing Competition and won the gold medal and made his debut. Before signing a record, he served as a variety show host for wireless TVb for many years.Later, due to a song on the record album called "Brother", Liu Haolong also gained the title of "Brother", but his reputation in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years was relatively ordinary; many mainland audiences knew him through his ex-girlfriend Joey Yung.

Back then, Liu Haolong and singer He Yunshi were the same elder brother and sister, and they had a close personal relationship. After learning that Liu Haolong was going to release a new album, He Yunshi introduced her queen designer to each other.The reason why Joey Yung and Liu Haolong became friends and developed a relationship is through He Yunshi, a mutual friend.

As we all know, when Joey Yung and He Yunshi met in Wei, the sisterhood has long been established. The two have worked hard together from the unknown to become popular, and have witnessed each other's growth.It is also precisely because Joey Yung and He Yunshi are too close, it seems that beyond the sisterhood, the Hong Kong media broke the suspected "lace love", and the two have been photographed many times in close friends in Europe and other places.

But just as the scandal between Joey Yung and his close friend He Yunshi was intensifying, the former suddenly announced in June 2012 that he and Liu Haolong were dating and dating. This was the Hong Kong version of the "stabbing" incident.After the incident, He Yunshi was very dissatisfied, and posted on social networks that “the one who can easily move a knife into the heart is often the person you think you can trust the most.” His words were full of disappointment and anger towards Joey Yung.

In order to be with Liu Haolong, Joey Yung did not hesitate to contradict He Yunshi. The formerly ambiguous sisters refused to share the same stage and did not want to mention each other. It was only in recent years that the relationship between the two has eased.Regrettably, Joey Yung finally dated with Liu Haolong and did not achieve a positive result. The two officially announced their breakup on March 2018, 3.As for the reason for the breakup, some people say that it was caused by the love situation that has been "female superior to male inferior" for the past six years; some people say that the man loves too humble, like a "spare tire", and even questioned that the woman used him as a tool to transfer sexual orientation scandals.

The following year after breaking up (2019), Joey Yung returned to Hong Kong to attend an event and was asked about her relationship with Liu Haolong during the interview. The former was also generous and frankly said, "I want to deal with emotional matters in a low-key manner. If you ask me, I will tell you honestly. : I'm single now", seemingly reluctant to mention the other party.

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