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Hello, friends, today I will introduce you a Vietnamese goddess Nguyễn Phương Tra

hello 小They

Today I will introduce a Vietnamese goddess

Nguyễn Phương Trang (阮芳庄)

The beautiful girl next door,

Relying on fitness to develop a good figure with bumps,

Was named "live-action Nami" by netizens.


Speaking of peach hips before,


And now in our lives,

More and more girls are entering the gym.


Refreshing long hair,

Exquisite looks,

Put on sporty and sexy gym clothes,

Such a young lady is simply too shabby.


A good figure,

Whatever poses you take to take pictures are beautiful,

This back contour and hip line,

May I ask which straight man can't be moved by it?



This should be the legendary peach hip.


Confident and tall figure,

It is estimated that there is no second one in the gym.



The sultry waistline,

Exquisite lower circumference,

Standard gourd-shaped figure,

This waist-to-hip ratio is excellent!


Girls who can also have a healing face and peach buttocks,

How many boys’ dream goddess should be,

The temperament of a fitness girl can definitely stand the test.



Such a good figure is definitely not born,


She goes to the gym to check in regularly every day.

This perseverance definitely makes many old fitness guns feel ashamed.


Who said that the equipment area of ​​the gym is exclusively for men,

Fitness for girls is not limited to aerobics and yoga.

Now more young ladies will choose iron,

She is no exception to torturing her buttocks and squatting her legs repeatedly.

Reduced fat and shaped body,

More powerful lines.



I heard that girls who often squat their legs are more sexy.

Seeing the young lady’s figure, I believed it.

A figure that is curved and convex after the lordosis,

It can be called a textbook level.



Fitness requires a resilience not to admit defeat,


Can break the status quo,




Well known

Fitness is a boring and long process,

But no one takes it easy,

Only people don't give up if they are tired.

It is reported that in order to reduce weight and shape,

The young lady has continued to exercise for nearly five years.


Fitness is indeed a lonely process,

But in front of the love in my heart,


All the effort is worth it,

Do you like this young lady?

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