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The vast majority of Australians plan to be vaccinated after the launch of the COVID-19 vaccine program, and they agree to mandatory vaccination for teachers, medical staff, elderly care workers and international travelers.However, Australians have only reluctant support for forcing employees to be vaccinated as a working condition or as a requirement for their children to participate in daycare.As the exclusive Newspoll survey conducted for The Australian revealed that 75% of voters said they would definitely or might be vaccinated, while a quarter of voters said they would refuse to be vaccinated or have not yet decided on this, indicating that the community...


正如为《澳大利亚人》进行的独家Newspoll 调查显示,75%的选民表示他们肯定会或可能会接种疫苗,而四分之一的选民说他们会接种疫苗或对此尚未决定,这表明社区中仍然存在相当多的怀疑论者。

On Monday, Scott Morrison announced 19 billion for vaccine logistics and urged people to stay away from Facebook because conspiracy theories about vaccine harm are circulating on it.

“我们已经非常清楚地指出从何处获取信息,”总理说, “你不能从Facebook获得它。你可以从政府官方网站上获得。这就是我鼓励大家做的事情。这就是我们正在做的。这就是我们将要投资的东西。请访问官方政府网站。”

This poll of 1512 voters showed that the willingness to receive vaccination was evenly distributed among the voting groups of the major political parties and the Green Party.

Almost half of voters, 46% of voters, said they would definitely get vaccinated, and 29% said they "may" be vaccinated.

此际,人们对公共卫生系统应对疾病爆发能力的信心日益增强,有69%的选民认为该机制足够强大,与之相比,去年7月在维多利亚州爆发时,这一It is 59%.




Voters firmly believe that international travelers should be vaccinated as a travel condition. 81% believe that it should be mandatory, while 80% want mandatory vaccination for elderly care workers.

Secondly, 77% of people want front-line medical staff to be vaccinated, while 70% think that teachers and daycare workers should be vaccinated compulsorily.However, there are differences of opinion on the issue of employers’ ability to force employees to vaccinate. 52% of people agree that employees should be required to vaccinate, while 43% believe that vaccination should be selective rather than compulsory.Only 41% believed that children should be vaccinated to enter nurseries, while 47% claimed that parents should decide.

这项为《澳大利亚人报》所作的Newspoll特别民调还显示,73%的选民对联邦和州政府对公共卫生系统的管理感到满意。与世界上一些社区存在对疫苗持怀疑态度的国家(如美国)相比,澳大利亚人对疫苗接种持大力态度,而与此同时,世界卫生组织(WHO) 对澳大利亚在2021年10月之前对绝大多数澳大利亚人接种疫苗的能力提出质疑。

WHO epidemiologist Mary-Louise McLaws said that after Europe bans vaccine exports, if local vaccine production is not increased, concerns about vaccine supply may affect this deadline.

“澳大利亚面临的挑战之一是,我们每周仅将获得约80,000剂辉瑞,这将减慢我们的一线和脆弱人群的疫苗接种,” McLaws教授说:“这意味着大约需要17周的时间,这是按照你需要两次接种疫苗快速计算的。”

Professor McLaws told ABC Broadcasting Company that Europe relies on Pfizer vaccine to contain its outbreak, which will mean that it will be difficult for Australia to obtain sufficient quantities of this vaccine.

"They are in short supply because they are out of control now and the number (infection) is still rising," said Professor McLaws.

(The copyright of this article is owned by The Australian)

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