Australia-Melbourne mother shared a super practical laundry coup, only four steps (video/photo) | Australia Chinatown

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!



Chantel Mila(图片来源:《每日邮报》)

据《每日邮报》2月2日报道,在Chantel Mila发到Instagram上的一段视频中,她透露了让白衣服洁白无瑕、颜色鲜亮的简单技巧。这位两孩母亲的网名为“Mila妈妈(Mama Mila)”,拥有58200名粉丝。她介绍称,先把衣服扣子系好并拉上拉链,然后把衣服翻一面,以防衣服边缘被洗衣机拉伸和磨损。


(Image source: "Daily Mail")




p style=”text-align: center”> (picture source: "Daily Mail")


(Internship: Sasha)

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