Australia – Sun Qian’s agent attacked Zhang Xiaofei and gave a bad review of "Li Huanying". Sun Qian and Zhang Xiaofei’s grievances are very dog-blood (Photos) | Australia Chinatown

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Recently, the Spring Festival movie "Quan Demon Flurry", facing the offensive of the strong opponent "Detective Chinatown 3", ranked second in the total box office

Recently, the Spring Festival movie "Quan Demon Flurry", facing the offensive of its strong rival "Detective Chinatown 3", the second-placed "Hello, Li Huanying" won the single-day box office on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year by virtue of word of mouth. Completed the counterattack.





Zeng Pengyu’s denial did not stop the outside world’s controversy over it. Seeing that there are more and more doubts about it from the outside world, Zeng Pengyu simply posted again. This time he directly took on Zhang Xiaofei’s name and began to continue dissing Zhang Xiaofei’s hype.

Judging from the meaning of Zeng Pengyu's words, to put it bluntly, he thought he was just an objective evaluation, but he was framed by Zhang Xiaofei's fans, and his identity was suddenly taken out to talk about the matter, so he simply pointed the finger at Zhang Xiaofei.

He also called out Zhang Xiaofei: "Don't hype the victim's character set, and improve your acting skills, although you are really good at acting."




This matter was also a big deal at the time. The agent including Zhang Xiaofei couldn't help but send out a long article to participate in it. The two sides can't communicate with each other and accuse each other of buying and marketing against themselves. It is completely reasonable for both parties. Look like.

Today, the story between Zhang Xiaofei and Sun Qian is no longer necessary for discussion. It is completely unclear who is right and who is wrong, but Zeng Pengyu, as the agent of Sun Qian in the past, suddenly appeared to diss "Hello, Li Huanying" "With Zhang Xiaofei, such a special relationship is influential, and naturally it will inevitably cause heated discussions.



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