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Victoria's Chief Testing Officer Jeroen Weimar confirmed that 3 new COVID-19 cases were recorded in the state today, and the new coronavirus cluster related to Melbourne's quarantine hotel has reached double digits.The first two cases were the spouses of a known infected Holiday Inn staff member, and the third case was an employee of the hotel, bringing the cluster to 11 cases. "She is already a primary close contact. She was tested yesterday and turned positive today," he said.There are now 11 cases related to Holiday Inn, three of them...
    维多利亚州首席测试官 Jeroen Weimar 证实,今日该州录得了3例新的COVID-19病例,与墨尔本检疫酒店相关的新冠病毒群已达到双位数。

The first two cases were the spouses of a known infected Holiday Inn staff member, and the third case was an employee of the hotel, bringing the cluster to 11 cases.

"She is already a primary close contact. She was tested yesterday and turned positive today," he said.

There are now 11 cases related to the Holiday Inn, of which three were from families of returning travelers who tested positive in the hotel’s quarantine, six were spread in the hotel, and two were spread in the homes of infected persons.

The Victorian Department of Health stated that it is conducting contact tracing interviews on new cases, and any new virus exposure locations will be posted on the department's website as soon as possible.

The Holiday Hotel case cluster currently includes a family of three returning travelers who are believed to have been infected overseas, including a patient who used a nebulizer to volatilize drugs-this is believed to have helped spread the virus to the hotel staff, two recently ended Quarantine hotel guests, and family contacts of two staff members.

In addition, the main Anzac Day parade in Melbourne has been cancelled due to concerns that the outbreak of the new crown virus in Victoria may intensify.

The Veterans League (RSL) Victorian Chief Executive Jamie Twidale confirmed the news on 3AW Radio. The annual parade on St Kilda Road in Melbourne has been cancelled. The parade usually involves approximately 12,000 veterans.

The memorial hall spokesperson Dean Lee confirmed the news, but said the dawn service may continue.

"The Memorial Hall will work with RSL to hold dawn services in accordance with the capabilities allowed by the COVID restrictions that apply at that time," Mr. Lee said. "We understand that some veterans will be disappointed."

No new cases have been recorded in NSW again, consumption vouchers to revitalize the economy

In the past day, there were no new cases of community transmission in New South Wales. At the same time, 3 cases of COVID were found in the hotel quarantine area.

The state is currently treating 41 active COVID cases, of which "most cases (98%)...receive non-acute out-of-hospital care, including returning travelers in special medical facilities", and no one is receiving intensive care.

The last recorded case in NSW was a traveler. He recently returned from South America and returned to his home in Wollongong after quarantining. He then tested positive and is still under investigation by the authorities.

另外,新州政府已在Rocks和Broken Hill推消费券计划,以振兴封锁后的经济。

新州财政部长Dominic Perrottet说,$25的代金券将可以在酒店和旅游场所使用,并将在下推广到该州其他地区。

"This is not just a sum of cash, it is to help those areas that are particularly struggling in the pandemic," Mr. Perrottet told 2GB.

"And these are areas that rely on international tourism, so even if we remove those restrictions, they will have a very difficult year. So this is to encourage people to go out and see what Sydney and NSW have to offer. Services and help those difficult businessmen."

NSW residents over the age of 18 will be eligible for four consumer vouchers worth a total of $100.

这项计划的第二阶段将于2月22日在受打击最严重的Bega Valley和推出,然后再到达本州其他地方。

昆州恢复许可证制度  暂不对墨尔本关闭边界


Queensland Lieutenant Governor Steven Miles said that the border will not be closed at this stage, and the outbreak of the Holiday Inn Victoria has been well handled.




Miles先生说,对到过的地点作出虚假声明的旅客A fine of $4000.


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