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Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly said that the Australian Health Protection Commission (AHPPC) will consider testing returning travelers on the 16th day, which is after the two-week hotel quarantine, and New South Wales has already adopted this measure. A resident of Wollongong tested positive for the virus on the 16th day after spending two weeks in a mandatory hotel quarantine.NSW health authorities are now calling returning travelers two days after leaving the hotel for quarantine and encouraging them to conduct tests. "I have asked my colleagues in NSW to advise AHPPC, and we will later this week...
    首席医疗官Paul Kelly表示,澳大利亚健康保护委员会(AHPPC)将考虑在第16天,即两周酒店隔离检疫结束之后对返国旅客进行测试,州已经采用了这项措施。


“我已请新州的同事向AHPPC提出建议,我们本周晚些时候对这项特定事务进行研究,但这是我们将研究的众多事项之一,“ Kelly教授说。

Professor Kelly warned that Australia must prepare for more cases of highly contagious COVID strains to enter Australia, but he said that Australia’s hotel quarantine system is very sound.


In addition, Professor Kelly said that despite the EU's threat to Australia's vaccine supply, Australia's vaccine is still launched as planned.

He also said that the AstraZeneca vaccine is undergoing an approval process and has so far shown signs of "very safe".

Holiday Inn Melbourne adds another case

Victorian Health Minister Martin Foley confirmed this afternoon that another positive case of COVID-19 was related to the Holiday Inn in Melbourne Airport.

The food and beverage staff at the Holiday Inn had tested positive in the past few hours. The staff had been in the hotel during the same exposure period as the previous case.

Mr. Foley said that although it is now "early", it seems that both cases are on the same floor.

"This information has just been received. We will release more information on this as soon as possible."

All major close contacts—including residents of the Holiday Inn on the same floor—will have to be quarantined for another 14 days after completing their two-week quarantine in the hotel’s simple area.

Mr. Foley said that while it would be "difficult news" for those who have to quarantine again, it "is a necessary public health measure."

Victoria refuses to substantially increase the maximum number of entry: our quarantine "higher standards"

The Governor of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, announced that his state will never accept as many overseas returnees as NSW because his state has higher standards of hotel quarantine than NSW.

In the past week, three people have been infected with the new crown virus in three quarantined hotels in Victoria, and the states are about to increase the weekly limit of overseas arrivals as planned. The limit in Victoria will rise from 1120 to 1310, while NSW and Queensland will now The upper limit of reception doubled to 3010 and 1000, respectively.The upper limit for South Australia will be increased from 490 to 530, while the upper limit for Western Australia will remain at 512.

The Governor of Victoria stated that the new highly contagious strain of the new coronavirus presents a “very significant challenge” to the state government, but he rejected the need to move quarantine from hotels to military or mining accommodations away from major cities. opinion.

“今天,我看到一些关于’酒店不是办法‘等等的评论。这不是全国内阁的决定。”Andrews先生说。“将不会很快出现联邦的隔离设施,因此我们必须充分利用现有的. "

Andrews 先生还提到了Morrison政府拒绝向维州提供澳大利亚人员来担任酒店隔离区楼层监控人员——这项工作在其他州由合约的私人保安人员执行。

“虽然我们很感谢国防部队的支持,但是它在该计划中作用相对不大,我们对于没有得到我们所要求的其他人员和功能有些失望,但我们只是向前推进,我可以向你们预告,我们将永远不会达到新州或其他州的(隔离),我不会为此. "

"We will have less capacity because we have a different model, and I lead a higher standard.

"We are shifting to testing the staff, each staff, not only during their working hours, but also after get off work hours."

Mr. Andrews said that a genomic test result of a 50-year-old staff member at the Melbourne Airport Holiday Inn showed that he was infected with a more infectious British variant strain.

"In that particular case, there were eight main or close contacts, family members and others who were very close to this person," Mr. Andrews said. "They are all in isolation. They are all tested." But Their results have not yet been reached.



There are currently 15 active cases in the state, of which 3 cases are local transmission, and the other 12 cases are overseas travelers who have recently returned to the country and are in hotel quarantine.

The latest number is after 24 tests were processed in the 12,816 hours as of Monday night-slightly higher than the 24 tests processed in the previous 11,359 hours.


Mr. Andrews said that until the health authorities can determine that the state’s recent outbreak of hotel quarantine personnel is under control, the restrictions on the number of family gatherings and the mandatory wearing of masks indoors will remain unchanged.


"I think wearing masks indoors and using them in many different environments plays a very important role, and I know it is not pleasant, especially in warm weather." He said.

Northern Territory lists three Melbourne suburbs as hot spots

People who have been to Maidstone, Sunshine or Taylors Lakes in western Melbourne are forcibly isolated upon arrival in the Northern Territory.

After another Melbourne hotel quarantine officer tested positive for COVID-19, the Northern Territory government imposed mandatory quarantine on people who had been to these hot spots.

In Melbourne's west, many locations, including cake shops and wine shops, have been listed as places where the staff member may be exposed to the virus and have been warned.

"If you plan to travel to the Northern Territory from an identified active COVID-XNUMX hotspot, it is recommended that you cancel the plan," the Northern Territory government said in a statement:

"Similarly, if there are territory residents who plan to go to these active hotspots, it is also recommended that you cancel the plan."

No local cases in NSW for 23 consecutive days


According to figures from the NSW Health Department, two cases of infection have been recorded among returning travelers who have been quarantined by the hotel.


All ten close contacts of the person have tested negative for the virus.

Zero local cases in Queensland, virus fragments in sewage

Queensland recorded zero cases one day.

A few weeks ago, Brisbane quickly entered the lockdown due to the panic of the hotel quarantine, and there are only five active cases left in the state.

The health authorities are on high alert because virus fragments have been detected in the sewage collection areas of Pimpama, Coombabah, Merrimac and Loganholme.

All residents of the Gold Coast and adjacent Logan area have been urged to pay attention to symptoms and undergo testing, even if they only have mild symptoms. oms.

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