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On the afternoon of February 2, the famous singer Zhao Yingjun (formerly known as Zhao Jian) ​​died of liver cancer. Friends in the circle mourned. February 3,

On the afternoon of February 2, famous singer Zhao Yingjun (formerly known as Zhao Jian) ​​died of liver cancer. Friends in the circle mourned.

On February 2, Zhao Yingjun's memorial service was held in Beijing. Huang Bo, Chen Sicheng, Wang Baoqiang, Xue Zhiqian, Bao Beier, Liu Yan and others came to the scene to mourn.

Some media noticed that Yuan Shanshan, the actress who had been rumored with Zhao Yingjun, did not show up, but she sent a wreath to express her grief.

In the early morning of February 2, Yuan Shanshan sent a message to bid farewell to Zhao Yingjun. There were only more than 6 words and she spoke as a friend. Although the outside world paid close attention to the story of her and Zhao Yingjun, she did not say much about the details of how the two of them got along, and kept polite. the distance.

In Zhao Yingjun's suicide note, he mentioned that his regret was "failure to marry the girl he loved". Under the protection of friends from all sides, Zhao Yingjun's emotional life was not exposed. The outside world once thought that the "girl" in Zhao Yingjun's suicide note There are no specific characters.

However, on February 2th, "People" magazine published a report on Zhao Yingjun. Everyone knew that in the last years of Zhao Yingjun's life, his fiancée had been by his side to fight with him.

The magazine interviewed several friends of Zhao Yingjun, and everyone pieced together Zhao Yingjun who had been ill for two years through memories.

Zhao Yingjun had hepatitis when he was a child. For the sake of his health, he never drank alcohol, but he liked Coke:

In November 2019, Zhao Yingjun attended the party and was already thin:

Li Xiaolu revealed that Zhao Yingjun had undergone two operations for the treatment of illness:

Before joining the bank, Yingjun Zhao was a bank clerk:

Regarding the identity of his fiancée, friends continued to keep Zhao Yingjun secret, but she kept appearing in every friend's mouth.

In January 2021, Wang Baoqiang and his friends visited Zhao Yingjun's house. At that time, Zhao Yingjun was extremely thin. At the last moment of his life, he was very excited when he saw his friends. He also became vulnerable when he never cried. At this time, his fiancee was considerate. Gave him a tissue.

When Zhao Yingjun left, his fiancee held his body for a long time.

At the memorial service, all the visitors left, and only close friends were left. Zhao Yingjun's fiancee stood beside the coffin without saying a word, just watching him quietly.

This girl stayed with Zhao Yingjun from Zhao Yingjun's illness to the last part of her life. Such feelings have proved everything.

Everyone didn't say why Zhao Yingjun didn't complete the marriage contract with his fiancée. Perhaps Zhao Yingjun didn't want to trap the girl as a "wife". People in love always consider each other, right?

Extended reading:


People in the circle may have known the news of Zhao Yingjun's illness. In July 2020, Zhao Yingjun and a certain music platform launched an activity-"One song, one story, and Zhao Yingjun's re-singing of certain works".

He invited 13 singers such as Huang Yali, Han Hong, Zhang Jie, Zhang Liangying, Wang Yuan, Xue Zhiqian, Eason Chan, Zhang Xinzhe, Xiao Jingteng, Hu Haiquan, Dapeng, Jin Zhiwen, and Lu Rover to re-sing their works.

He wrote in the promotional copy of the event:

In 2020, there is a strong feeling that I always feel that I have some songs that are worthy of being sung again, just as there is a story behind each song. If you change a narrator, you will have different feelings, familiar and cordial. .

In fact, at that time, Zhao Yingjun had been diagnosed with a terminal illness, but it was out of his low-key willingness and did not publicize it.Remember when the event was just launched, some netizens teased

"Zhao Yingjun is big enough to invite three generations of singers."

I don’t know how many of the 13 collaborators at the time knew his physical condition at the time, and what kind of mood he had when recording these songs?As an insider, Xue Zhiqian sang the seventh song "Waiting" in "One Song, One Story, Re-singing Some Works by Zhao Yingjun". The main meaning of the song is that some people leave at a fork in the road, while others are waiting in place.

"Waiting" begins with cappella, and the pure human voice expresses Xue Zhiqian's rich and story-like voice to the fullest.Simple guitar sounds are intertwined and advancing, and the trembling strings resemble a throbbing heart. Every flick is at the same frequency as the heartbeat, making people fall into a whirlpool of memories; the addition of bass and strings adds a bit of bleakness to the song.

Halfway through the song, the audience suddenly seemed to see a silent figure standing at the intersection, tracing the background alone, and loneliness goes with it.The drums suddenly sounded, and the strong and full emotions burst out instantly, the unwillingness in the heart was released to the full, and then peace was restored-loneliness is a matter of one person, and so is waiting.

It is said that Xue Zhiqian cried and collapsed several times when recording this song. Zhao Yingjun, as the producer, said that this song was tailor-made for Xue Zhiqian, and every word reached the most perfect presentation.Fans only know that Xue Zhiqian was touched by the song, but did not know his pain at the time, more because they clearly knew that "the old friend is terminally ill, and his life is not long."

Good musicians always leave what they want to say in their songs, hoping that these music can continue to bring strength to future generations,

So "Send You A Little Red Flower" is the last gift Zhao Yingjun left to the world.

In addition, Zhao Yingjun also made clear arrangements for what happened after him. Recently, a suspected insider posted a message that because Zhao Yingjun was unmarried and childless, his assets such as savings, house and cash were left to his parents, and the music copyright was given to Xue Zhiqian and other friends. Take care of.

Zhao Yingjun wrote in his suicide note:

I hope you don't forget me so quickly. As long as someone remembers me and remembers my singing, I may still be with you in some corner.I have liked rain since I was a kid

If some

I came to see you in the evening

Admire Zhao Yingjun's free and easy and cool attitude when he bid farewell to the world. We will remember you with songs when we go all the way!

"Ghost in the music world" Zhao Yingjun changed his life history, so touched

In 1993, a teenager named Zhao Jian in Fushun, Liaoning Province, received a guitar from his grandmother. He had the first violin in his life.

In this year, a Shanghai boy named Xue Zhiqian and his father depended on each other. His mother had been dead for many years.

In this year, a Ji'an boy named Dong Chengpeng was crazy about the Beyond band.

In this year, a young man named Xu Zheng studied at the Shanghai Theatre Academy, and he was about to graduate from university a year later.

In this year, Zhao Jian would not have thought that these three people appeared at the node of his life and witnessed his chic life.


Before meeting Xue Zhiqian, Dong Chengpeng, and Xu Zheng, Zhao Jian's life deviated from the track arranged by his parents.

Zhao Jian's parents have been working in the bank. In their plan, Zhao Jian will enter the banking system after graduating from university.Originally, Zhao Jian had no problem with the path arranged by his parents, but when he came into contact with the guitar, the video room and the mouthpiece, he opened up a new world.

In order to listen to Ye Qianwen sing "A Life of Light Drunk", he can go to different video halls to watch "The Two Heroes" many times.

In order to play "You at the same table", he can spend 50 yuan to find an extracurricular training teacher to teach him.

He fell in love with music.

However, in order not to make his parents sad, after graduating from college, Zhao Jian still entered the bank and became a clerk, but this does not mean that he gave up music.

Because he came into contact with Nirvana and the Rolling Stones, he found 3 like-minded friends to form the Impossible Band.

When they are not at work, they practice, and sometimes rent a venue to hold a rock concert, and a ticket costs 5 yuan.Soon after, Zhao Jian became a celebrity in Fushun. Many people said he was Cui Jian in the underground rock industry of Liaoning.

But it costs too much money to be a band. To feed the band, Zhao Jian works in the bank during the day and sings in the bar at night.Although it was a bit harder to make money like this, he is still happy because of the music.

However, as time passed, Zhao Jian slowly became unhappy. He found that many young people in Fushun came to him for advice on how to form a band and how to play the guitar.

He found that after teaching them, his stomach was out of stock, and he found that he had not improved.

In order to change this situation, Zhao Jian walked into the door of an Internet cafe. He was not for playing games or watching videos, but for learning new knowledge.

When he contacted the Internet, Zhao Jian found out that he was too ignorant. He was madly learning music-related knowledge, for which he even quit his bank job.

The rhythm of his life has changed to singing in a bar at night, and then studying in an Internet cafe until the next morning after singing, and then sleeping all day during the day.

With the deepening of learning, Zhao Jian has a particularly strong idea. He wants to leave Fushun and go outside. He wants to go where there are more resources and more powerful people. He wants to become better.

Zhao Jian did what he thought of. In 2002, he took 700 yuan to Beijing Bei Piao.

Before leaving Fushun, he had a party with his friends in the band. They asked him why he was going to Beijing?

He replied: "Go to be a star".

When Zhao Jian got on the train to Beijing, Xue Zhiqian also fell in love with music, but he was so unlucky that he met a scam company, and the scam company asked him to pay 30 packaging fees to pack him.He was then awarded a role in the live-action version of "I'm the Singing Madness", but due to copyright issues, the film failed to start.

Xue Zhiqian didn't know where his future was.

During this year, Dong Chengpeng was still obsessed with music, but at this time he would not know that he would be defrauded of 2 yuan by a fake record company in two years. In order to get the money back, and to pursue his dream, he started Bei Diao.

In this year, Xu Zheng has become a promising new star in the entertainment industry with his "Spring Bright Pig Bajie" and "Li Wei as an Official".

In this year, it is 3 years before Zhao Jian and Xue Zhiqian met, 7 years before Zhao Jian and Xu Zheng met, and 13 years before Zhao Jian and Dong Chengpeng met.


After arriving in Beijing, Zhao Jian lived with a friend, but the house where the friend lived was too small. The friend and wife slept on the bed, and Zhao Jian slept in the gap between the wall and the bed.

In order to make a living, Zhao Jian went to a bar in Sanlitun to find a job as a singer, but there was no bar to ask him, so he finally found a bar to ask him, but the fee was very low, only 50 yuan a day.

In order to survive, Zhao Jian agreed, but he soon discovered that the daily meal cost plus the round trip fare would cost 55 yuan. When he went to this bar to sing, he had to pay 5 yuan a day.

Fortunately, he met an old friend not long after, changed his job, and no longer had to post upside down.

After living in Beijing for a year, Zhao Jian heard a news that he heard that his favorite singer Alan Tam will be a guest on a show called "My Type My Show".

In order to meet Alan Tam, Zhao Jian signed up for the show.

After participating in the first game, Zhao Jian found that all those participating in the game were young and he was unwilling to compete with them for opportunities, so he took the initiative to withdraw from the game.

Although Zhao Jian did not compete anymore, his talent was noticed by the senior management of "My Type Me Show", who invited Zhao Jian to be the music director of "My Type Me Show".

Zhao Jian did not refuse.

In the second year, Zhao Jian became a judge of "My Style My Show" and discovered talents such as Qi Wei and Wang Xiaokun.It was also in this year that Xue Zhiqian took "My Type My Show" as a breakthrough in his music career, and he and Zhao Jian met.

Zhao Jian admired him very much, and the two became very good friends in private.


What Zhao Yingjun didn't expect was that "Excitement 2005" was uploaded to the Internet and quickly became popular. The streets and alleys were playing this song, and many people were asking who this Zhao Yingjun was.

It's just the fire. Because of copyright issues, Zhao Yingjun didn't make any money, and his life remained unchanged.

Zhao Yingjun's mood became very depressed.

One day he watched an environmental protection documentary and saw the plastic bags in the film. His heart was touched. He felt that the plastic bags were very much like himself and were useless.

So he devoted himself to creating a song called "Plastic Bags". Although he was very depressed at the time, he still had hope for the future in this song. He wrote in the lyrics: Don’t The delusion will bury me, there will always be a gust of wind taking me away

, Take me through loneliness, take me through pain, take me through happiness, take me through your heart.

Later, many people wanted to buy this song, but Zhao Yingjun was reluctant to sell it until later he met Dong Chengpeng.

But before meeting Dong Chengpeng, Zhao Yingjun and Xu Zheng met first.


In 2007, because of "My Type My Show", Zhao Yingjun met a director named Li Xin, and Li Xin invited him to star in a movie called "The God of Big Talkers".

When making a promotional video for this movie, Zhao Yingjun met Yang Qing, who has been in the show business for 4 years.Yang Qing felt that Zhao Yingjun played well and encouraged him to be an actor.

What Zhao Yingjun didn't expect was that Yang Qing became a director two years later. He wanted to make a movie called "The Nightclub" and invited him to play a role.

Zhao Yingjun did not refuse. He left Shanghai for Beijing, joined the crew of "Night Club", and met Xu Zheng, the actor who starred in the movie.

When Xu Zheng met Zhao Yingjun for the first time, he had a bad impression of him. He thought he was very amateur.

But before the filming of "Night Shop" was finished, Xu Zheng thought that Zhao Yingjun was too talented.

When the "Night Shop" was finished, Yang Qing hoped that Zhao Yingjun would stay in Beijing. He felt that with Zhao Yingjun's skills, he would definitely be able to mix well in Beijing.

Xu Zheng also persuaded Zhao Yingjun to stay and develop in Beijing. He persuaded him to open a music studio in Beijing, where he could do film soundtracks.

Zhao Yingjun did not choose to stay in Beijing for the first time. He returned to Shanghai. He is already familiar with life in Shanghai. He has many friends in Shanghai and lives very comfortable.

Do you want to leave Shanghai and go to Beijing to start again?Zhao Yingjun thought about this question.

In the end, Zhao Yingjun decided to go to Beijing, because he wanted to make himself better, just as he chose to leave Fushun.


In 2011, Zhao Yingjun returned to Beijing, but in Beijing, unlike in Shanghai, he has no resources and income has become a problem. Most of the time, he lives on his previous savings.

In such difficult times, it was his good friend Xue Zhiqian who reached out to him.At that time, Xue Zhiqian had already become famous with "Serious Snow". He gave Zhao Yingjun a number of songs he sang such as "How" and "Range Miles". The production costs were higher than those offered outside.

At that time, Zhao Yingjun would not have thought that a year later, his life would usher in a turning point.

In 2012, Xu Zheng directed the film "Tai囧". As a result, the soundtrack of the film had a problem. Xu Zheng was very anxious.

So who can solve this problem?Xu Zheng thought of Zhao Yingjun.

As soon as Zhao Yingjun heard this, he helped Xu Zheng solve this problem without saying anything. He took Xu Zheng's affairs as his own, and effectively handed over a song called "I'm Going to Be With You", and scored it. No money is collected.

In 2013, "Thailand" was released and earned 12.67 billion box office, breaking the box office record of Chinese film history at that time.In order to thank Zhao Yingjun, Xu Zheng gave him a reward.

But it was also because of the success of "Tai囧" that Zhao Yingjun gained fame in the film and television industry. Many film crews asked him to make film soundtracks. He was called a "music talent" by the outside world.

Xu Zheng did not give up and continue to cooperate with Zhao Yingjun. In 2015, he filmed "Hong Kong囧" and still asked Zhao Yingjun to write the song. Zhao Yingjun wrote a song "The Breeze Xu Lai", which was sung by Faye Wong, and it was a mess.

When Zhao Yingjun's reputation rose to fame, Dong Chengpeng, who had already become famous with the online drama "Men of Dio Si", also wanted to cooperate with him. In 2015, Dong Chengpeng directed the first big movie in his life, "Pancake Man", and he contacted Zhao Yingjun.

As usual, Zhao Yingjun successfully completed the task assigned by Dong Chengpeng and produced the movie "Pancake Man" with the same name.

But it is also this movie, which made Zhao Yingjun feel that "it is the movie "Pancake Man", which makes me feel that I can not only do well the music of the film and television, but also can do a better job."

Even Zhao Yingjun willingly gave the song "Plastic Bag" to Dong Chengpeng. In 2017, Dong Chengpeng shot the film "Sewing Machine Band", which is a film about dream music.There are both Dong Chengpeng's shadow and Zhao Yingjun's shadow in this movie. Zhao Yingjun knew that it was time for "Plastic Bag" to meet the world, and he also wrote a song "Choose C" for "Sewing Machine Band".

However, no one would have thought that a year later, Zhao Yingjun's fate would usher in a great change.


In 2018, Zhao Yingjun felt more and more unwell. After going to the hospital for examination, he was diagnosed with liver cancer. He was 41 years old this year.

In order not to worry his friends and the outside world, he chose not to announce the news and fought the illness silently.

In the days of illness, Zhao Yingjun participated in activities as usual and met with friends. He was still as humorous and optimistic as before.

But the paper finally couldn't contain the fire, and Xue Zhiqian was almost crazy when he learned the news.

In order to cure Zhao Yingjun's disease, he bought various special medicines and new cancer medicines all over the world.Contacting the hospital for Zhao Yingjun, arranging a transfer, and even Zhao Yingjun's operation, were all signed by him.

He knew that Zhao Yingjun still had a wish to fulfill, so he actively helped him fulfill it. In 2020, Zhao Yingjun initiated the project of "Resinging Some Works by Zhao Yingjun", and Xue Zhiqian contacted the singer after his busy schedule.

Later, what shocked the outside world was that even though he was dying ill, Zhao Yingjun took over the production of the soundtrack for the anti-cancer movie "Send You A Little Red Flower". He composed the song of the same name, and he insisted on recording it after taking the painkillers. "Send you a little red flower", on the day the song was officially released, he said: "Send a little red flower to everyone who has watched movies and listened to the song."

Unfortunately, on February 2021, 2, the disease took Zhao Yingjun's life. Zhao Yingjun lived forever at the age of 3.

When the news of Zhao Yingjun's death was reported, the public was shocked, and they all lamented Tian's jealousy of talents, and his suicide note caused countless people to cry. Many people learned that Zhao Yingjun was such a gentle person through the suicide note.

In his suicide note, Zhao Yingjun wrote, "I love the world too much, this era too much, and the life I live too much. I love music and movies too much. I haven't married the person I love yet. Have a baby, have not taken parents to surf on the beach, have not gone to the Bird’s Nest for a concert, have not yet become a film director, have not seen the reunification of the motherland, have not seen the ending of One Piece..."

He hoped that his friends would not cry to commemorate him. He hoped that everyone "put on the most handsome and beautiful clothes, put on the music, get up bang times bang times, drink a little wine, and send me the last ride with your carnival. It's so cool!" "

He also said: "I hope you don't forget me so quickly. As long as someone remembers me and remembers my singing, I may still be in a corner, with you."

Zhao Yingjun is gone. As a young man in a small town, his story of working hard for what he loves and changing his destiny inspires many people, and his music will accompany everyone who meets him.

Zhao Yingjun's life is inspirational and warm.

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