Australia – Aldi's small items for only $1.48 are on fire!Called a "cooking artifact", pasta is delicious no matter how you use it (Photos) | Chinatown, Australia

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"Daily Mail" reported that an Australian mother used Aldi's two little-known "instant" sauces to upgrade the deliciousness of pasta.

"Daily Mail" reported that an Australian mother used Aldi's two little-known "instant" sauces to upgrade the deliciousness of pasta.


Amber from Perth shared his cooking "artifacts" in the Aldi Mums group-Stonemill Roasted Garlic Sauce and Stonemill Onion Garlic Chili Sauce.

She wrote: "Today I mixed these two sauces together with pasta. The taste is really not too good. I have to buy a few more cans. It is not difficult to cook a pot of pasta, in my opinion. It is to cook everything in one pot."

It is reported that these two sauces are only AUD 1.48, and there are other flavors available, such as garlic ginger sauce.In addition to the sauce and pasta, she also put chicken broth, basil, balsamic vinegar, diced onions and tomatoes in the pot.

When the noodles are cooked, it will absorb the aroma of the seasonings and the vegetables will also be cooked. "Then add a little parmesan cheese. This way the pasta is absolutely delicious."

(Image source: "Daily Mail")

This post caused a heated discussion among netizens, and many people expressed their desire to try it.A woman said: "It's amazing! I will try it tomorrow night!"

Another netizen said: "It's amazing!" Another netizen said: "This looks delicious."


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