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Finland’s Vita Laboratoriot Oy laboratory announced today (18th) that the agency discovered a new strain of the new coronavirus and named it Fin-796H.

Data map: A new strain of the new coronavirus has been discovered in Finland. (Photo/Australia Net)

香港文汇网218日报道:芬兰Vita Laboratoriot Oy实验室今日(18)发布消息称,该机构发现新的新冠病毒毒株,并将其命名为Fin-796H。

The Vita laboratory stated that in collaboration with the Institute of Biotechnology of the University of Helsinki, a previously unknown variant of the new coronavirus was found in a sample of the new coronavirus in southern Finland. The virus variant was initially named Fin-796H. It has two types: the United Kingdom and South Africa. The characteristics of variant strains are difficult to be found by the polymerase chain reaction detection method recommended by WHO.

At present, many different strains of the new coronavirus have been found in the world, and they are almost all similar to the British, South African, or Brazilian virus variants.According to information from the Finnish laboratory, the new strains found in this country are different from all the above-mentioned variants and indicate that not all polymerase chain reaction detection methods can detect the new strains.

As of February 2, local time, there were 17 people infected with the new coronavirus in Finland and 51595 deaths.

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