Australia-US President Biden announced sanctions against Myanmar military, saying no further measures will be ruled out-Chinatown Australia

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On February 2, local time, Biden said in a brief speech that in response to the situation in Myanmar, the United States is uniting regional allies to form an international response.Biden also said that he would use the UN Human Rights Council to put pressure on Myanmar.Biden asked the Burmese military to stop holding the seized power and immediately release relevant detainees including Aung San Suu Kyi.

Data map: US President Biden. (Photo/China News Network)


Biden also officially announced that it will impose a series of sanctions on the Myanmar military, including restricting the Myanmar military’s high-level access to Myanmar government funds in the United States, and signing decree sanctions involving Myanmar military leaders who plan to launch a coup. The scope of sanctions includes the business of relevant parties. Benefits and family, etc.It is expected that the first sanctions list will be drawn up within this week.

Biden also announced that it will use export restrictions to freeze financial support that will benefit the Myanmar government, but will ensure that the Myanmar people continue to receive support from the United States in areas such as public health.

Biden said that he would not rule out further measures afterwards, and he called on the international community to take joint action.

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