Australia – Enthusiastic for "scientific experiments" British boy swallowed 54 magnetic balls and died-Australia Chinatown

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The colorful magnetic beads are deeply loved by children. (Photo/China News Network)

A British boy recently swallowed 54 magnetic balls into his body for a "scientific experiment" and almost died.After being sent to the doctor for a six-hour operation, the magnetic ball was successfully removed and the boy was out of danger.

Chinanews quoted Taiwan's "United News Network" as a report that the boy was named Morrison and was 12 years old.In order to test whether he could "generate magnetism", he swallowed 54 magnetic balls one after another. In the early morning of January 1, when Morrison discovered that he had digestive problems, he woke up his mother and said that "I accidentally swallowed two magnetic balls."

According to the report, after undergoing an X-ray examination in the hospital, the results showed that Morrison swallowed far more than two magnetic balls, which may cause organ burns and even life-threatening.Subsequently, Morrison urgently underwent an operation that lasted six hours.


Morrison’s mother said that her son is very keen on science and loves experiments. Morrison also admitted to her mother that she swallowed the magnetic ball because she “want to see if the magnet can be attracted to her body”. She has now thrown all the magnetic toys away. To prevent the accident from happening again.

The doctor said that a child had previously had part of his intestines removed after swallowing 2 magnetic balls, and Morrison was "very lucky" that he was still safe after swallowing 54 of them.

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