Australia-German pseudonym released in the US for cheating New York's upper class circle | Chinatown Australia

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
Don't even act like you can relate . .

Don't even act like you can relate

— Anna Delvey (@theannadelvey)
February 12

Sorokin) was released early in New York.Records from the New York State Department of Corrections show that Sorokin was released on parole on Thursday.She herself also uploaded a photo of sitting on a bed wearing sunglasses on the social platform Instagram, writing: "You can't imagine how tormented in prison."

Sorokin, 30, was born in an ordinary family in Russia. His father was a truck driver. At the age of 16, she moved to Germany with her family. In 2016, Sorokin went to the United States and used the pseudonym Anna Delvi (Anna Delvi)
Delvey), who has been in the upper class in New York and shaped himself as a rich second-generation image, relying on defrauding other people's money to maintain a luxurious life.The total amount defrauded by Sorokin amounted to approximately US$27.5 (approximately 22.7 Euros).

Home alone

— Anna Delvey (@theannadelvey)
February 13


In addition, Sorokin used to forge a loan of 2200 million U.S. dollars from the bank in the name of opening an art club that combines nightclubs and art galleries.An influential builder has even prepared to build a building for her on Park Avenue in New York.

In May 2019, a jury in Manhattan, New York convicted Sorokin in four counts of gross theft and attempted gross theft, and Sorokin faces 5 to 4 years in prison.According to US media reports, considering Sorokin's good performance during her sentence and the length of time she was detained before serving her sentence, the Appeals Committee agreed to allow her to be released early.Sorokin's lawyer Audrey
Thomas emphasized to AFP that Sorokin did not receive any special treatment.She did not disclose whether Sorokin will be sent back to Germany.

EXCLUSIVE: Anna Sorokin — AKA Anna Delvey —
has been released from prison.

— Jacob Shamsian (@JayShams)
February 11

 Sorokin posted on IG: "You can't imagine how tormented in prison."


wait Anna Delvey is out of prison!

— Michael Gold (@migold)
February 12

This "fake socialite" fraud case has attracted great attention in the United States.American gold medal screenwriter Sanda Reims (Shonda Reims)
Rhimes) has obtained the copyright and will adapt Sorokin’s story into a Netflix TV series by actress Julia Garner (Julia Garner).
Garner) starring.According to the Insider website, Netflix paid Sorokin a license fee of $32.The report pointed out that Sorokin used the money to pay legal fees, fines and repayments to victims of her fraud. HBO TV also intends to make Sorokin's experience into a movie.

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