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Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne will meet with her American, Indian and Japanese counterparts at the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QUAD) foreign ministers meeting on Thursday night, as these major Indo-Pacific democracies are cooperating Confronting China's growing dominance in the region.This online dialogue takes place before or before the meeting of leaders of the four sides to be held later this year. In November last year, India hosted a joint naval exercise for members of the organization.The Australian Government...
    澳大利亚Marise Payne 将于周四晚在“四边安全对话”(Quadrilateral Security Dialogue,简称QUAD)外长会议上与她的美国,印度和日本同行会面,此际这些印度-太平洋的主要民主国家正在合作对抗中国在该地区日益增长的强势作风。

这次线上对话在或于今年晚些时候举行的四边人会议之前进行,去年1, India has hosted joint naval exercises for members of the organization.

The Australian government is working hard to elevate the "four-sided" organization to a security group, and also strongly supports the "Democracy Ten" or D10 coalition proposed by the United Kingdom to replace the Group of Seven (G7).



"This dialogue mechanism will enhance the common interests of our countries in a safe and prosperous region," it said in a statement.


U.S. Secretary of State尼·布林肯(Antony Blinken)发言人说,这次会议将讨论关键的区域挑战。

“与Quad的讨论对于推进我们在自由开放的印度太平洋地区的共同目标和应对当今时代的挑战至关重要,包括协调我们的努力和对COVID-19的应对,以及气候变化,“ 他说。

总统拜登(Joe Biden)表示,与紧密合作将是他的中国战略的关键,美国旨在这些战略中“超越”北京。

The latest meeting is not long after the last meeting, reflecting the determination of the members of the "four sides" to confront China and implement a'rule-based order.'

In another collective action against China this week, Australia joined 57 other countries and supported an international declaration advocated by Canada to condemn the arbitrary detention of foreign citizens by some countries.

加拿大发起国际宣言谴责中国”外交“ 澳洲加入支持

This joint initiative was made after Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig were detained in China for nearly 800 days.

澳大利亚是最早支持这项加拿大倡议的国家之一,该倡议最初是在澳大利亚公民杨恒均博士于2019年In China留后举行的双边会议上提出的。

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