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维州州长安德鲁斯因为带领维州人在2020年度过新冠疫情困难时期和第二波爆发而获得声望高的领袖奖提名。 安德鲁斯先生是为数不多的政客被提名竞争2020年McKinnon。。。澳洲唐人街
                维州州长安德鲁斯因为带领维州人在2020年度过新冠疫情困难时期和第二波爆发而获得声望高的领袖奖提名。<br />

Mr. Andrews is one of the few politicians nominated for the 2020 McKinnon Political Leadership Award.

Other nominees include Prime Minister Morrison, Treasury Secretary Fredenberg, Health Minister Hunter, Australian Indigenous Affairs Minister Ken Wyatt, NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean, and Capital Territory Opposition Leader Elizabeth Lee.


Mr. Andrews dismissed the award today.


NSW Governor Gladys Berejiklian and Melbourne Mayor Sally Capp received this award in 2019.

The Victorian government has been criticized in recent days for announcing the implementation of a fuse blockade in Victoria to cope with the holiday Inn segregated hotel group.

The governor said today that the level four lockdown will end as planned at 11:59 tomorrow night.×0/ … c-92d1-cf5b3387092c

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