Australian Intelligence Agency: Australian universities have become hardest hit by foreign regimes coercing high pressure –

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澳洲情报局和联邦警察表示,外国政权正利用澳洲大学公开合作的精神,对大学研究人员及其家人进行威胁,以获得敏感信息。 据金融评论网周二(9日)报导,澳洲情报局(A...


According to a report by the Financial Review Network on Tuesday (9th), the Australian Intelligence Agency (ASIO) announced that higher education and its research department are one of Australia’s current “risk” departments because foreign powers want to obtain internal knowledge of Australian research and technology.

ASIO stated in a risk analysis document for the department submitted to the Parliamentary Joint Committee that although the spirit of openness and cooperation has always been the foundation of Australia’s scientific and technological achievements, this kind of collaboration has allowed Australian research institutions to have different political, cultural and ethical values. Of international partners.

ASIO cited four examples, but did not name organizations or individuals.


"We are also aware that there is an attempt to steal sensitive Australian intellectual property rights."

Headquartered in的网络防御咨询公司Internet 2.0的安全顾问兼首席执行官Robert Potter说,“中国的大部分间谍活动都是针对澳大利亚的高等教育和州层面的。”


A new perspective from ASIO

The Australian Federal Police supports ASIO’s opinions in its submissions and pointed out that there are reports that academic institutions and research institutions are becoming targets of foreign powers to gain knowledge of policy, research, energy and scientific progress.

The Federal Police (AFP) said, “This is achieved through economic coercion, threats to scholars and their families, and/or through secret contractual arrangements to protect the intellectual property and commercial interests of foreign regimes.”

Sydney的中国问题专家、对北京在澳大利亚的影响力持批评态度的Salvatore Babones教授说,当ASIO提到 “外国政权 “时,其实指China.

However, observers said that under the leadership of ASIO's new boss Mike Burgess (who once ran the Australian Signals Authority), the intelligence agency has become more open.The submission shows that the Intelligence Agency has previously been criticized for failing to properly inform the public of the threat.The current situation shows that the intelligence services intend to disclose their concerns.


ASIO also pointed out that successful intelligence operations by foreign regimes can help them steal and develop new technologies, or improve new technologies, shorten the time and cost of copying technologies, and gain commercial advantages. It can also recruit and train talents for future interference and espionage activities. .

Potter说,ASIO和外交部之间将出现紧张关系,根据新的外交关系法案,外交部将有权审查澳大利亚Agreements with foreign entities and the possibility of canceling existing transactions.

will get 表示,外国的威胁和胁迫并不限于高等教育。

The relevant departments of Australian universities are “very clear” about the situation

Melbourne国际部副校长、洛伊研究所前负责人 Michael Wesley说,被抓了个现行或没有意识到风险的暗示 “显然是不真实的”。

"In my impression, the relevant departments of universities are very aware of this competitive environment, and the top priority is to improve their position and oppose interference and compromise."

"Enterprises are often required to transfer intellectual property rights to gain access to a certain country or industry market. The fiercely competitive business world means that a series of different types of institutions may be subject to certain coercion when acquiring their intellectual property rights. "

Sydney的Babones教授说,虽然中国可以胁迫研究人员,但北京没有能力对澳大利亚采取同样的行动。“严格来说,澳大利亚不需要中国的钱。不过,中国有能力诱使澳大利亚,尤其是其校长,他们的薪酬可能直接或间接地与吸引中国的支持 ‘成功 ’挂钩。”



Take up研究70%的“澳洲八大高校联盟“表示,它意识到了外国干涉的可能性,并在国际参与方面采取了重要的调查措施,包括通过与ASIO密切联系。

其首席执行官Vicki Thomson说,“我们的们的研究人员支持莫的观点,即必须主动地处理risk. "


ASIO stated in its submission that harmful foreign influences cannot be allowed, because this is a serious threat to Australian democracy.

"However, having an effective mechanism to counter foreign interference and espionage does not need to sacrifice the openness and international cooperation of higher education and research departments."
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