Australian Prime Minister Morrison wishes readers of "Watch Media" a Happy Chinese New Year

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
The Prime Minister of Australia wishes readers of "Kan Media" a Happy Chinese New Year. (Photo credit: Stefan Postles/Getty Images) Sharing As the Chinese New Year celebrations begin this year, my heart is filled with gratitude and...

The Prime Minister of Australia wishes readers of "Kan Media" a Happy Chinese New Year. ((Source: Stefan Postles/Getty Images)


2020 年对我们所有人来说艰难的一年。告别 2020,我们要昂首展望更好的一年。
在牛年,我们要非常应景地弘扬帮助我们度过 2020 年的力量和.
牛是团队协作的一员。它沉稳、认真、勤奋。这是任何时期都需要的品质,尤其在我们所处的时期。这些品质将是我们度过 2021 年的支柱。

With the coming of a safe and effective vaccine, I believe that after overcoming this huge challenge, we will be able to celebrate with joy again. 
I hereby send warm greetings and blessings, and I hope 2021 will be better.Happy Chinese New Year.
Prime Minister of Australia

December 2021

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