Australia-Russian girl married a wealthy family, 11 babies are still not enough, I want to give birth to 105! (Photos) | Australia Chinatown

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According to foreign media reported on February 2, the 12-year-old Russian mother Christina, now living in Georgia

According to a report by the foreign media LADbible on February 2, the 12-year-old Russian mother Christina Ozturk, now living in Georgia, now has 23 children, but recently said that this is too far from her goal. Far away, Christina said that she would have 11 children.

It is reported that Kristina’s husband, Galip Ozturk, is a hotel owner and his family is financially strong.After marriage, he gave birth to 10 children through surrogacy, and he also gave birth to one.Christina recently joked on the Internet that she and her husband fell in love with the feeling of being a parent, and they might have 105 children.

Afterwards, although Christina admitted that 105 was just a casual comment, she and her husband definitely hope that the more children the better.She said: "Six years ago, I gave birth to my eldest daughter Vika, and later I gave birth to 10 children. I don’t know how many children there will eventually be. Of course, the more the better, 11 is definitely not enough. My husband and I have not actually discussed how many children we want, but time will tell us the answer."

Since 1997, surrogacy is legal in Georgia, Georgia, as long as the couple participating in the surrogacy is heterosexual and married.Speaking of the surrogacy process, Christina said: “The clinic chooses a good surrogate mother for us and takes full responsibility for the whole process. We are not familiar with the surrogate mother and we have no direct contact to avoid problems after pregnancy.”

According to reports, Christina is very interested in what surrogate mothers eat and has designed a good diet and nutrition plan for them during pregnancy.Christina and Galip met while on vacation in the coastal town of Batumi, Georgia, where their family now lives.

Speaking of his wife, Gallip said that he still loves her deeply and madly. "She is easy to get along with, with a smile on the corner of her mouth, but at the same time she is very shy and mysterious, like a diamond wrapped in a pure and kind heart."

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