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[Literature City Special Article] Kevin Jiang, a Chinese graduate student studying at Yale University, was in Connecticut last Saturday (February 2). . .
            【文学城专稿】就读耶鲁大学的华裔研究生蒋凯文(Kevin Jiang,音译)上周六(2月6日)在康州纽黑文(New

Haven) was shot and killed.The victim, Kevin Jiang, was only 26 years old, had just been engaged for a week, and lived with his mother and fiancee. Their place of residence was near the crime scene.

Police releasing this flyer of the person of
interest in connection to the death of Kevin Kiang.

They're looking for Qinxuan Pan. He was last seen at the Best
Western Hotel in North Haven.

— Carmen Chau (@CChauFOX61)
February 10

The police confirmed that Qinxuan Pan, a PhD student at MIT
Pan) is a major suspect.The police added that Pan currently possesses deadly weapons and dangers.If the public comes into contact with Pan, they should be extra careful.He fled to New York City overnight, and the police in the two places are currently conducting a full search.Some people think that he is not outside the state. The police have no further information on this.

The police also revealed that the suspect, Pan Qinxuan, was a 29-year-old Chinese PhD student at MIT (according to media reports, he was from Shanghai, China) driving a vehicle with a Massachusetts license plate and entered New York City at 7 am on the 4th. Leave the record.

Pan Qinxuan’s last whereabouts was at Best in North Haven
Western hotel.His last known address was in Malden, Massachusetts.

According to the police, anyone who sees Pan Qinxuan must report to the police.

Kevin Jiang, Yale Grad Student From Chicago,
Shot To Death Near Campus In New Haven, Conn.

- CBS Chicago (@cbschicago)
February 9

The victim Jiang Kaiwen served in the U.S. National Guard Army. He was a tank operator and an officer dealing with chemical, biological, and nuclear radiation issues.

Kaiwen Jiang was on the evening of February 2, local time on Lawrence Street (Lawrence Street) between Nicoll Street (Nicoll Street) and Nash Street (Nash Street).
Street) was killed.According to the New Haven Police Department, the location of the crime was East Rock in Elm City, New Haven.Local residents heard 7 gunshots.

A woman living on the corner of the street near the crime scene said that she heard two gunshots, followed by a pause, and then five or more gunshots.Her husband also heard gunshots. "We were afraid of getting close to the window. When we finally looked out, we found someone lying in the middle of Lawrence Street."

The police received multiple 911 calls.At around 8:30 that night, a police car and an ambulance arrived at the scene.Jiang Kaiwen was found lying next to his Toyota Prius.The first responders provided rescue, but had no recovery.

On the evening of February 2, Yale University Police Chief Higgins sent an email to Yale teachers and students.He said that witnesses saw a brand new black vehicle fleeing the scene. "I have contacted the New Haven Police Chief Reyes, who confirmed that the police investigation into Kevin's death is underway and the New Haven Police are following up with multiple leads."

Local media reported that Jiang Kaiwen's car was hit by a rear-end collision, and the police are investigating whether a car accident occurred before his murder.

Grief!The Chinese students were killed by 7 shots in the street, and they couldn't survive as a tanker. What's the problem?

During the period before the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox, Jiang Kaiwen originally enjoyed the joyful atmosphere of double happiness: a week later, he was going to celebrate his 27th birthday; and a week before he was killed, he had just asked his fellow graduate student at Yale University. His girlfriend made a successful marriage proposal.

The day of the proposal was the first anniversary of their acquaintance.Jiang Kaiwen was very excited at the time and wrote a small essay on social networking sites to express his deep love for his fiancee.

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