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近日一位澳大利亚人在网上发布了一张令人震惊的照片,照片里一只巨大的猎人蛛盘踞在卫生纸上,吓到全世界的人。 “擦或者不擦,这是个问题,但是不论你选什。。。澳洲唐人街
                近日一位澳大利亚人在网上发布了一张令人震惊的照片,照片里一只巨大的猎人蛛盘踞在卫生纸上,吓到全世界的人。<br />

"Whether to wipe or not, this is a question, but no matter what you choose, the result is not very pleasant." The unknown Australian described the photo.The photo was shared on Reddit and sparked a lively discussion.

Within a few hours, the post was liked by as many as 10700 fans, and people were shocked. Most of the people who followed came from the United States and Canada.

Someone said: "If I want to go to Australia, I have to put spare toilet paper in my backpack."

Another joked: "I really want to go to Australia, and I am really afraid to go to Australia."

This non-poisonous and timid spider, because of its large body, hairy and fast-acting, incurs extreme fear of it.  

"Burn them to death! There are also many hunter spiders in my parents' house, which made me want to blind myself."

This photo may help explain why people rush to buy toilet paper during the lockdown of the outbreak.

A user joked: "When the epidemic started, we ran out of toilet paper, so we had to use hunter spiders to wipe..."

With the end of the summer breeding period, hunter spiders began to migrate frequently in February.

Dr. Lizzie Lowe, an arachologist at Macquarie University, explained that this "beautiful" but creepy reptile has very poor eyesight and low levels of toxins in its venom, so it is basically a harmless animal.

"Hunter spiders have poor eyesight, and only have light perception," said the doctor.

"They will never take the initiative to attack you, and they are not highly poisonous, even if they are bitten, they will not cause any harm."

Dr. Lowe pointed out that hunter spiders are "super fast," but they are often confused. If they rush towards you, they must be stupid.

Dr. Lowe also said that hunter spiders are "summer spiders" because their eggs hatch in the warm and rainy spring conditions.

However, a large number of young hunter spiders have been found nationwide recently, because some adult spiders undergo two rounds of reproduction.

Dr. Lowe suggested that it is best to leave the hunter spider young spiders alone, as they are more likely to harm each other rather than cause other harm.

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