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Although more than a million jobs were lost during the pandemic, the vast majority of voters believe that their current financial situation is better than a year ago or remains the same.Exclusive: What is the Australian attitude towards vaccines?Polls show that three-quarters of people plan to vaccinate. However, Australians are also skeptical about the pace of economic recovery, with most claiming that it will take several years to completely save the pandemic.An exclusive Newspoll poll conducted for The Australian shows that Labour Party voters are most likely to feel that they are not financially affected or that they are in better condition, even though the Labour Party leads...



一份为《澳大人报》所作的独家 Polls show that选民最有可能感到自己并未受到财务或现在的状况更好,尽管领袖Anthony Albanese 声称政府在对COVID-19的财政应对中将人们丢下不管。

A total of 57% of all voters surveyed claimed that their family’s financial situation was roughly the same as the year before the outbreak.


Economic blockades, border closures and social restrictions have also increased family savings, and some workers have received effective salary increases in the first round of JobKeeper.


相比之下,联盟选民中认为自己的财务状况不变及更好的分别为57%和15%,而28%的人声称自己陷入财务困境。小党派选民的表现最差,但大多数人仍然幸免于财务困境,其中66%的绿党选民的财务状况不变或更差了,62%的一国党(One Nation)和“其他”党派的选民也是如此。


Only 14% believe that this will last six months or less.






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