Australia-Retail investors hold a group battle against Wall Street bears "Game Post" share price plunges again by 60%-Chinatown Australia

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Recently, there has been a continuous game between retail investors and institutional investors in the New York stock market around the game retailer "Game Station" and many other stocks.On February 2nd, local time in the United States, the stock price of "Game Station" plunged again by 2% to $60.

The picture shows a boy wearing a mask and carrying a skateboard walking through the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street in New York. (Photo/Australia Net)

中国央视新闻报道,,围绕游戏零售商“游戏驿站”等多只个股,美国纽约股市中的散户与机构投资者之间持续博弈。美国当地时间2月2日,“游戏驿站”股票价格再度大跌60%,90 dollars.

On the 2nd local time, US stocks "retail stocks" fell sharply. Among them, "Game Post" triggered a circuit breaker more than once during the intraday trading session, with a 67% drop in early trading.As of the close of the market on the 2nd local time, the stock price of "Game Station" had fallen by 60% to $90.This has fallen 483% from the high of $81 per share last week.At present, the total market value of "Game Station" is about 63 billion US dollars, which is about 290 billion US dollars less than the intraday high touched last Thursday.

Recently, the New York stock market staged a "short-squeeze" battle between retail investors and institutions.Retail investors and other small investors bought a large number of stocks such as "Game Station" that were shorted by institutions, and their stock prices fluctuated sharply.Wall Street giants, including hedge funds and dealers, have adopted measures including prohibiting buying and negotiating changes to the rules after discovering that institutions are losing money and retail investors have benefited to safeguard their interests, and have been strongly criticized by many parties.

The analysis of many international media, including the American media, compares this "short-squeeze" incident with the "Occupy Wall Street" movement nearly a decade ago, and believes that the wealth division and social fragmentation in the United States have once again become prominent.

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