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Internet hotspots are like a wave. One wave fades and one wave rises again. When the "late school" has become tomorrow's yellow flower, "Versailles literature" and "young people do not speak martial arts" and "mouse tail juice" are gaining momentum, and there are even "experimental dogs". Photographs showing the “tail juice” of mice extracted in the laboratory proved that the “tail juice” of mice is not only edible, but

Talk about the Versailles literature and the famous people behind it.

Internet hotspots are like a wave. One wave fades and one wave rises again. When the "late school" has become tomorrow's yellow flower, "Versailles literature" and "young people do not speak martial arts" and "mouse tail juice" are gaining momentum, and there are even "experimental dogs". "Published the photos of the "tail juice" of mice extracted in the laboratory, which proves that the "tail juice" of mice is not only edible, but also rich in collagen... But for now, we will not discuss "wude" and "rat tail juice". Just talk about the Versailles literature and the famous people behind it.

01. Zhao Yuanren, the ceiling of human language talent

Zhao Yuanren is known as the "father of modern Chinese linguistics" and is also a pioneer of modern Chinese musicology. He has composed songs such as "Teach Me How to Miss Her" and "Sea Rhyme".Picture from the official website of Tsinghua University
In 1948, Zhao Yuanren compiled the elementary oral Chinese textbook "Introduction to Mandarin".Picture from Douban

First of all, we have to talk about what is meant by "Versailles Literature" (referred to as "Fan Xue", the same below). Some people concluded that "people who live noble and luxurious, and want to inadvertently reveal their superior life through reverse expression", In short, it is to use "lowest-key language to express the highest-key show off".Someone has put forward the three main points of "Fanxue": firstly suppress and then promote, publicly depreciate and commend, secondly, ask and answer by yourself, and finally the soul must use the third-person perspective. Only when these three conditions are met can it be qualified" Where to learn"!

The netizen "Meng Qiqi 77" is a person who has deepened the essence of "Fan Xue" and carried it forward. Although the "Fan Xue" fundamentalist netizen "Little Milk Ball" shouted that "Fan Xue" is dead, he really let "Fan Xue" It is Meng Qiqi 77 who went out of the circle of "Fan Xue".

Later, "Fanxue" gradually evolved into an online carnival. Various "literati" began to create, and some people turned up many "old masters" quotations from the "Fanxue" circle, such as I do not know the wife and beauty Liu Qiangdong, regret creating Ali Jackma , Ma Huateng, an ordinary family, Wang Jianlin, who has nothing, Peking University is also good at Sabein... The invisible "pretend X" is the most annoying, and what is worse is that this is true! The highest state of "Fanxue" is here.On the road to "Fanxue", some celebrities have been hanging up all their lives, so we have nothing to say except to be convinced!For example, Zhao Yuanren, who can be called the ceiling of human linguistics!

Zhao Yuanren was a descendant of Zhao Yi, a poet in the Qing Dynasty. He showed outstanding linguistic talent since he was a child. He was able to communicate with classmates and guests in five dialects. In 1910, he went to Beijing to take the Tsinghua University Geng student exam. "I got the second place in the exam (the same batch of candidates included Hu Shi, Zhu Kezhen, and other big names, and the results were not as good as him).

In August of the same year, he entered Cornell University in the United States, majoring in mathematics, and took physics, philosophy, logic, linguistics and other courses. After enrollment, he was also a top student, and his mathematics score has maintained the average score of the university for many years. The highest record.In the senior year, Zhao, who had gone all the way, obtained the qualifications for graduate scholarships in mathematics and philosophy. Zhao decisively chose philosophy. In 8, Yuanren Zhao entered Harvard as a graduate student majoring in philosophy, and went all the way to a postdoctoral fellow. In 1915, he returned to Cornell University as a lecturer in the Department of Physics.

Wandering overseas for more than ten years, in 1920, Zhao Yuan returned to China to teach at Tsinghua University. This year coincided with the visit of British philosopher Bertrand Russell to China. Zhao Yuanren was drawn to serve as a full translator due to his outstanding language talent. In 1925, Zhao Yuanren, Liang Qichao, Wang Guowei, and Chen Yinke were collectively known as the "Four Tsinghua Mentors". Among the four, he was the youngest. The courses he taught at Tsinghua University included mathematics, physics, Chinese phonology, and general Linguistics, modern Chinese dialects, Chinese music scores and Western music appreciation, plus the philosophy and other subjects taught at Harvard before, can be called a real liberal arts and science!Zhao Yuanren is proficient in 33 dialects and more than a dozen foreign languages, and is known as the "Father of Modern Chinese Linguistics".The unusual talents made Hu Shi jealously said: "Every time I comment on a person studying in the United States, I often recommend Changzhou Zhao Junyuan as the number one."

In addition to music, translation, etc., Zhao Yuanren also made a lot of achievements. If students want to worship the master of learning, Teacher Zhao is the first choice!And Teacher Zhao is also an "Old Versailles" and often plays "Versailles Terrier" like "When I ate at Einstein's house..." in his academic monographs!

02. Aoi Morikawa, "Extreme Challenge" little talent

In 2010, Aoi Morikawa became the exclusive contract model of Seventeen, a teenage fashion magazine of Shueisha, and debuted as a model.Picture from Amazon website
Morikawa Aoi in the variety show "This? !What kind of class is actually challenging the yo-yo in".The picture shows a screenshot of a YouTube video
Before the challenge, Aoi Morikawa would lament the difficulty, and then the challenge was successful.Picture from Pinkupost website

Recently, the hot island girl Aoi Morikawa is from Aichi Prefecture, Japan. At the age of 15, she participated in the Miss Seventeen contest held by Seventeen, a girl magazine, and stood out with Sanji Ayaka, Nagumi Abe and others and became exclusive models.Like predecessors such as Kitagawa Keiko and Kiritani Meiling, after becoming an exclusive model for Seventeen, Aoi Morikawa has also obtained good film and television resources. There are wonderful performances in popular dramas such as "Sorry for the Youth" and "Reminiscence", but compared to the same period Ms. Morikawa still needs a lot of hard work for Sanji Caihua who has made her debut and is now red to purple.

However, Miss Sister recently participated in a variety show "This? !What kind of class is it actually?Like many wonderful variety shows in the island country, in order to attract attention, the program group has recruited many folk masters to perform their special skills on the show.

In order to "make things" and increase the effect of the program, the program team also asked Morikawa as the host to challenge them. As a result, if you don't try it, you will blow up an "invisible genius"-those masters who practiced for half a year or even a dozen Young lady's "unique skills" was easily done by the young lady!The most annoying thing is that before every challenge, Miss Sister will observe and sigh "This is so difficult!" You can say "Old Versailles". The effect of the program is full and it has become a hot topic on Twitter. Therefore, Aoi Morikawa Known as the "gifted actress".

Of course, there are a lot of doubts. Some people say that Morikawa’s projects are all side-by-sides like popping bubbles, stacking rocks, playing water, and shaking dice. They can’t get on the stage, and some people question the authenticity of the show.Someone verified Morikawa's school experience and found that she was not a "good student" in the traditional sense, with mediocre grades and even never attended college.

However, most of these projects that Morikawa challenged were originally a test of hand-eye coordination. They have nothing to do with IQ. They can’t read books and can’t deny that they don’t have talents that ordinary people can’t match. Ms. Sister can easily challenge the stunts that others took years to develop. , Hard work is not worth mentioning in front of real talent!

03. Da Vinci, the pinnacle of human intelligence

Leonardo da Vinci was a polymath of the Italian Renaissance, and he has made great achievements in painting, music, anatomy, astronomy and other fields.Picture from CFP
The picture shows da Vinci's manuscript.Picture from The British Library official website

If you think Morikawa’s challenge is not a stunt, then Leonardo should be regarded as the pinnacle of recognized human wisdom, at least in the eyes of "Minke" fans.

Da Vinci’s artistic achievements will not be discussed much. What is the status of the three masters of the Renaissance. There are many historical books. In fact, there are not many paintings handed down by Da Vinci. This is because he is basically a " "Dragging King", he has also done such unreliable things as "Mona Lisa" is too rare to run away overnight with paintings. "Arts and virtues" are average, and there are not many commissions. In addition, this old man is keen to try to create with a variety of different materials, so now there are only a dozen authentic real-name authentication.

Although Da Vinci does not have many works, his artistic achievements are high. Basically all of them are classics!Achievements outside of art are mainly in the manuscripts. As a curious and imaginative "weird", he has developed a good habit of taking notes. Now he has handed down more than 7,000 pages of manuscripts-namely " "Da Vinci Notes", the notes related to astronomy, physics, optics, meteorology, anatomical medicine, physiology, mathematics, architecture, hydraulic engineering, cryptography (the cryptex in the movie "The Da Vinci Code" is true ), military and mechanical engineering, geography and geology, philosophy, literature, music, and many other fields, foreseeing "Copernicus's heliocentric theory" and Lamarck’s classification of vertebrates and invertebrates, and discovered optics and gravity The laws of heat, heat and light, obsessed with bird flight, spent a long time studying the possibility of making flying vehicles, and even drew conceptual drawings of tanks, helicopters, and robots... To apply the current "Slash Youth" term, Da. Mr. Vinci can definitely be called the "Zebra Crossing Youth"!

Since the world in Da Vinci's notes far surpassed the level of science and technology of his time, there have been speculations about him as a "traversing man", "cosmic man" or "split brain" for hundreds of years.The so-called "split brain" means that the left and right brains work in turn like dolphins, which is the "stroke between left and right" in Jin Yong's novels. In this regard, Da Vinci can be called the "Master of Versailles."

In fact, Da Vinci's life has been shining with the light of "Fanxue". He was sent to Milan, Italy as a court musician to communicate with him at the age of 30, and even composed court music. When he was in his 60s, he spent a few years in Rome with Mi The younger generations like Angelo and Raphael occasionally communicated, but this old man didn’t talk about painting at all, but changed tricks and played magic tricks from time to time, so people thought he was a wizard rather than a painter...

04. Wolfgang Pauli, the king of mouths

Pauli is one of the pioneers of quantum mechanics research. In 1945, under the nomination of Einstein, he won the Nobel Prize in Physics for Pauli's principle of incompatibility.Picture from The Nobel Prize Twitter
Pauli grew up in a strong environmental science atmosphere. His father Wolfgang Joseph Pauli was a chemist, and his godfather was a physicist Ernest Mach.Picture from the official website of American Institute of Physics

There are so many geniuses in the scientific world who have personalities and experience legends, but when it comes to "Fair Learning", the walking "stroke master" Wolfgang E. Pauli is also a master!

Pauli was born in an intellectual family in Austria. His father was a doctor of medicine.When he was in middle school, he began to study Einstein's theory of general relativity. Among the scientists, many young people skipped grades, but Pauli honestly went to the middle school graduation, and later was admitted to the University of Munich. His father took him with him. I went to visit the famous physicist A. Sommerfeld and asked if Pauli could directly be Sommerfeld's graduate student.

Sommerfeld did not refuse, but agreed to investigate.I don’t know if I don’t check it out. I only found out that this little brother is not a genius!Pauli became the youngest graduate student at the University of Munich.Later, Sommerfeld wanted to write an article on the theory of relativity for an encyclopedia. Knowing that Pauli had studied it in middle school, he threw his job to him. He didn't expect him to write a book of more than 200 pages!Even Einstein himself expressed his heart when he saw it, he couldn't believe that the man who wrote this level of monograph was only a 21-year-old student.

Pauli's most important achievement in his life was the Pauli principle of exclusion, which helped him win the Nobel Prize in Physics. He was only 25 years old when the principle was published.However, his "Fanxue" accomplishment is more reflected in the personality of "human-shaped levers". The mantra is "I don't agree with your point of view", "Not even mistakes", "I have never seen such a stupid one"...

When Einstein gave a speech, Pauli publicly commented: "I think Einstein is not completely stupid." This is all considered "praise." Some famous physicists gave reports, and he would criticize them with great care. Back then, Yang Zhenning Once was pricked by Pauli in public, the scene was once very embarrassing!

05. Ramanujan, the most unlucky "Fan Scholar"

One of Ramanujan's most important researches is a series of 14 formulas for calculating Pi published in the paper.The Ramanujan formula.Picture from
Encyclopedia Britannica official website

On December 1962, 12, India issued a stamp commemorating the 22th anniversary of the birth of Ramanujan.Picture from iStampGallery website

Finally, I will talk about a "mortal scholar" who uses life to interpret "common learning"-Indian mathematician Ramanujan (Srinivasa Aiyangar Ramanujan).This man is considered to be the greatest mathematician in the millennium history of India. However, he lived a life of poverty and poverty. He died of tuberculosis at the age of 32, but he was called the "son of India" along with Tagore and Gandhi. .

Ramanujan was born in a family of ordinary employees, with ordinary parents, coupled with the large population in the family, life is naturally difficult.However, Ramanujan showed a great talent for mathematics since he was a child, and even got a college mathematics scholarship, but after entering the university, he failed to graduate because of his partial subjects.

At the age of 15, Ramanujan got a copy of "Summary of Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics" written by British mathematician G. Carr.This is a book containing thousands of equation formulas such as Manchu algebra, calculus, trigonometry and analytic geometry, most of which have not been proven.At this time, Ramanullah's "Fan Xuesheng" began to be released. First, he firmly believed that these formulas were correct. Second, he began to try to prove these formulas in his own way, and inspire and infer more formulas.

Later, he recorded these formulas in his notebook and became a treasure trove of enlightening the entire mathematics world. Some mathematicians won the "Nobel Prize in Mathematics" for just proving one of these thousands of formulas. Awards (Fields Medal).As for how Ramanujan got these formulas and conjectures, it is still a mystery. According to him, it was the Indian goddess who gave him hints in a dream, and said that if a formula does not represent the will of God, then he will It's worthless to say...



Source: MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive, Weekend Pictorial, Tiger Sniff, Wezzy, Zhihu

Written by: Moyu Design: Wang Xing

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