China's wine tariff war shows consequences, Australia's exports to China plummeted by 75% | Chinatown Australia

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As the effects of trade tariffs begin to be implemented, the price of red wine will fall sharply.New data from China shows that since the trade tensions between the two sides, the total amount of Australian wine imported by China has fallen by about 75%.

After China accused Australia of selling wine at prices below production costs, China began to impose tariffs ranging from 107% to 200% late last year. This move was opposed by wine manufacturers.

The Australian Wine Association’s annual report shows that by 2020, Australia’s exports to China have fallen to 11.5 billion yuan, which is still more than twice that of the second-ranked United Kingdom (4.56 million yuan).

But since the Chinese market has basically been out, wine producers are encouraged to return to traditional markets such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Germany.

Ciatti Australia director and grape broker Tedman said that we must try to attack these markets again, but we must now realize that we are in price competition with Chile, Spain and Argentina, and their prices are higher than what we currently see in Australia. Is much cheaper.

He said that as a result, producers will start to see a drop in Australian wine prices and grape prices.

Tedman said that red wine will continue to be long, and we will see prices weaken, and we have heard that prices have fallen compared to last year.The current demand for white grapes seems to be very strong-chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and pinot gris are very strong. I expect the price of white wine to stay the same, but if we get a good harvest, the price will easily fall.

China’s investigation into anti-dumping allegations will end in the middle of this year, but wine producers said they don’t think the situation will change much.

Tony Battaglene, chief executive of the Australian Grape and Wine Board, said that bottled wine has basically come to an end, and there are still some bulk wines entering the market, but the number is very small.Bulk wine is very important, it is a good small profit, but it will not replace the high-quality products of bottled wine.

People in the wine industry have little hope that tariffs will be reduced or eliminated in the short term.

Battaglene, I am not optimistic about this. I have not seen any signs of improvement in the relationship. Judging from my discussions with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, they have not seen any relief of the tension. (Su)
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