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澳洲媒体爆料,有华商以偷龙转风的手法把“中国制造”的考拉和袋鼠玩偶换上了“澳洲制造”标签,以便获得更高销售量。 澳洲媒体爆料,有华商以偷龙转风的手法把“中国制...

The Australian media broke the news that some Chinese businessmen used the tactics of stealing "”的考拉和袋鼠玩偶换上了“澳洲制造”标签,以便获得更高销售量。
Koala and Kangaroo dollsThe Australian media broke the news that some Chinese businessmen replaced the "Made in China" koala and kangaroo dolls with "Made in Australia" labels in order to obtain higher sales. (Picture reproduced from Australia News Agency)
According to the Australian News Agency, these dolls were actually manufactured in Shanghai and then shipped to Australia in containers for label conversion.The Chinese businessman has a warehouse in southwestern Sydney, where the "Made in China" label will be removed by the staff and replaced with the iconic green and gold "Made in Australia" label.

This Chinese businessman is 54-year-old Wei Qing “William” Zhang (Transliteration), born in Shanghai.He founded Autong Trading in 1997 and then registered Oz Natives in 2000.He started by selling Chinese-made kangaroo and koala dolls to shops across the country.After redesigning the dolls in 2006 and starting to put the "Made in Australia" label on them, the sales soared.

The ANZ News Agency conducted a special follow-up investigation of the Chinese businessmen’s freight and learned that on January 1 this year, a batch of koala and kangaroo dolls arrived in Sydney via the Chinese cargo ship "YM Wealth".

A source at Botany Port confirmed that the container sailed from Shanghai, China via Taiwan and Melbourne to Sydney on January 1.The Australian News Agency photographed that the container was unloaded at the Chinese merchant's warehouse in southwestern Sydney.

In addition, according to a video taken last month, four days before Australia’s National Day, the Chinese man in the toy business and his employees opened a batch of container cargo.The company name on these boxes is "Autong" and "Made in China" is noted next to them.

According to a former employee of the company, the company’s previous sales of dolls with the “Made in China” label have been poor, but since they sold dolls with the “Made in Australia” label, sales have soared.It is reported that the "Made in Australia" label affixed to the doll is also fake, and it is also made in China and imported together with the Chinese doll.

According to its official website, 95% of Australians and 70% of Chinese tourists visiting Australia can recognize this "Made in Australia" label.It is believed that the cost of manufacturing these plush toys in China is less than half of the wholesale price Oz Natives sells to Australian stores.

According to the "Made in Australia" standard, the country of origin of each important ingredient or element of the product must be from Australia.To use this icon, "all or almost all processes involved in product production or manufacturing must be in Australia".

It is reported that the Autong dolls were designed in Australia, but they are all made in China, and the "Made in China" label is still affixed to the products when they arrive in Australia.Then the product was replaced with the "Oz Natives" brand and the "Made in Australia" triangle label.

A former employee revealed that the factory does not have any production process. Those sewing machines and an unfilled koala doll are just display items.

The employee also said.When she first went to work there, she was asked to replace the "Handmade in China" label on the doll. At the beginning of 2014, a customs visited this factory. After customs inspection, Mr. Zhang rushed to be afraid and transported 600 boxes of koalas and kangaroo dolls out of the company and stored them in a residence in Merrylands.

In this regard, Mr. Zhang denied this claim. He said that although the fabric of the toy was imported from China, all the "cutting, sewing and filling" were done in Lansvale.

When asked how many employees he has, Zhang only said that the number of employees is small.He also said that he had a dispute with a former employee, but he has been investigated by Australian Customs and the "Made in Australia" regulatory agency. "Some people try to use disputes to make trouble. We are imported plush toys, but this is different from Australian dolls." He said.

He stated that he was "harassed by false reports on labor relations and work," and "they used despicable methods against me."

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