Comment: The change of the order during the new crown suspension

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
Hope was dashed like this: the maximum infection threshold was suddenly lowered from 50 to 35.Fortunately, an influential politician finally rose up to resist.However, in the opinion of Deutsche Welle editor Marcel Fürstenau, this man is not credible. . . .

Deutschland Anglizismus des Jahres 2020 ist Lockdown

(德国之声中文网)扪心自问:你知道源于法语的这个词“incidence”怎么翻译吗?很简单啊:频率。倘你迄今并不清楚,也不必忧虑。毕竟,在默克尔或其他重要人物又像谈天气一样谈”incidence “之时,你肯定早就知道,它是什么意思了。当然是这样啦!根据德国权威词典〈杜登〉(《Duden》)的定义,它意指 “一定时期内,一定规模人群中发生的新患病的数量”。



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